10 reasons for weclapp

1. With weclapp, you will have total security.

Your data is in the best hands. The whole data traffic is saved in a multiple certified data center in Frankfurt am Main and Karlsruhe. In this case, we ensure that nobody can gain access of sensible information unauthorisedly.

2. Data security and high availability “Made in Germany”.

weclapp has joined the Cloud Services Made in Germany Initiative. What this means for you: your data are stored at several data centers – and only in Germany. Therefore, your data neither leave the country, nor will they be transferred to an external data center. The agreements you enter into with us are also governed by German law.

3. Perfect compatibility of all Business Apps; easily integrated into existing systems.

Every one of our Business Apps ensures that you will perform your job more efficiently. But together, our Business Apps are even stronger: the programs in the integrated suite work perfectly together – without the need for tedious adjustments to interfaces. Moreover, thanks to the various interfaces provided, you can also seamlessly communicate with software from other providers; i.e., the data from our Business Apps can usually be transferred quite easily to third-party software. This is not only very practical, but also quite cost-effective.

4. We take care of absolutely everything so that you can concentrate on your job.

weclapp’s web-based applications eliminate the need for purchasing, installation and maintenance. That means you will always have the latest version, without having to worry about the details. Of course, any changes and integrations you have made will continue to be available to you after every upgrade.

5. Our Business Apps are based on real-world experience and are extremely easy to use. Your IT department will miss you.

People usually don’t understand new software immediately; in most cases, they are dependent on IT experts to help and train them. With our user-friendly, intuitive Business Apps, you can get to work right away and in a very short time, you’ll be the expert. Because weclapp is just as easy to use as the websites you visit everyday.

6. With weclapp, you can stay flexible.

Will you only need the business app for one month? Then only pay for one month. weclapp offers wonderfully flexible contract validity periods. And wonderfully low prices. Even for the regular updates, there are no additional costs.

7. We will always be there for you – and we mean always.

Actually, the Business Apps are so self-explanatory and the processes are so easy that we hope you will rarely need our support. Nevertheless, our Support Team is always at your disposal.

8. It’s a bit of a shame, almost: weclapp doesn’t require any employee training.

Sometimes, training courses can be quite fun – but they require an investment of time and, naturally, money. Thanks to weclapp’s self-explanatory user interface, you can save on both, because with these Business Apps, no questions remain unanswered (unfortunately).

9. Small, medium-sized or big business? weclapp always fits.

weclapp stands for field-tested applications that were developed based on market needs. The Business Apps handle “little” tasks just as easily and effectively as more complex business processes – regardless of which industry you are in. Incidentally: for a surcharge, you also have the option of having your Business Apps customized to fit your very specific company needs. Please contact us! We will be happy to put together a customized quote.

10. Not only are we there for you today; we will definitely be there for you tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, as well.

weclapp is not comprised of a dozen developers with an uncertain future. As part of 3U HOLDING AG, weclapp is a successful and established company – a business partner that you can rely on.