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30 days free of costs. Automatic cancellation. No spam-mails.

Online ticket system for fast, targeted processing of customer inquiries.

Naturally, the most important thing for your company is to satisfy customers. To accomplish that, your customer service must be perfectly organized so that you can respond to inquiries and satisfy customer needs quickly and efficiently.
With weclapp’s Help Desk software, a web-based ticketing system, you can optimize your customer support and will therefore have happier, more satisfied customers. Why? Because you can easily coordinate the receipt, acknowledgment, classification and processing of customer and service inquiries and/or tickets. This will also give you a better overview, reduce processing time and enable you to react faster to inquiries.
With the help of the online Help Desk software, you can forward inquiries, complaints, errors and problems to the right people and business segments so that they will be processed in a timely manner.


In a nutshell: weclapp’s Help Desk will enable you to do your job faster and more easily. And your customers will definitely like that.
At the same time, the Help Desk software can be integrated into your existing software landscape without great effort or expense and can be scaled up to meet your company’s needs, particularly as your customer base grows.

As of 19€ per month and user! More information here.

Efficiently edit support tickets


With weclapp’s web-based Help Desk software you can structure your customer service perfectly. Process all internal and external support requests and error messages much faster and more flexible with the weclapp ticket software. This way you can increase the efficiency of your service teams while reducing your cost per service request. And your customers will be impressed by the quality and responsiveness of your support team.

  • All essential ticket details at a glance
  • Extensive filtering and full-text search capabilities
  • Complete Ticket History


30 days free of costs. Automatic cancellation. No spam-mails.

Analyses and reports


Continually improve your customer service. The reports and analysis can help uncover potential. Whether per agent, per team or per customer you have always all support requests and service tickets at hand and you can export the data to Microsoft Office Excel. Use standard reports, create custom table views or export all data to Excel to create templates for management.

  • Measure allocation, processing and solution time
  • Analyze and compare predefined Data
  • Always keep track of the entire service process

Teamwork and Collaboration


Take advantage of the software’s in-house social network and stay up to date on all ticket operations of your service staff. Share ideas in real-time with your support experts and highlight important comments to process requests even faster. Reduce constant email flood with the weclapp social business functions.

  • Keep track of all activities of your service teams in real time
  • Single and Multi Chat
  • Mark, comment and like entries