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Online-Merchandise Management System for retailers and manufacturers

Save up to 200 working hours per year with the weclapp Merchandise Management System!

Our highly efficient Merchandise Management System for all of your processes in sales, purchasing, production and the warehouse is ready to use immediately and extremely easy to manage. The intelligent workflows allow you to effectively structure your work steps and save time.

The popular weclapp Merchandise Management System is part of the Cloud ERP Trade suite and is available from €49 per user/month.


Merchandise Management (ERP Trade)

The full-service professional package for retailers and manufacturers.

CRM – Customer- and contact management
Task- and project management (incl. time tracking)
Quotes, orders and invoices
Merchandise Management System
Planning and purchasing
Item and warehouse management
Production planning and control (PPC)
Webshop interface (all connectors included)
Serial and batch numbers

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What is a Merchandise Management System?

The goal of a Merchandise Management System is the management and optimization of all information flows of a company in the departments Sales, Purchase and Warehouse. By means of information that creates the software, all planning and decision-making processes get supported.

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Implemented quickly,
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Using weclapp is the easiest way for companies to optimise their processes and achieve success.

Einrichtungshilfe für das weclapp Warenwirtschaftssystem

The key Merchandise Management features at a glance

Smooth Sale from the Order Processing to the Shipment and Invoicing.

No pinch points anymore! Simple workflows thanks to automatization of disposition.

Warehouse Management
Transparent inventory management and movements of structured warehousing.

Smooth processes in the production thanks to bills of material and more!

Improve sales performance

The sales modules allow you to map various types of business processes such as standard orders ex stock (stock sales), standard orders with purchase, service contracts, drop shipments, direct sales to customers and cash sales. The following sales modules are included:


Optimised offer processing for the creation, tracking and conversion of professional offers with your own corporate design.


Fast processing of partial and complete deliveries with data transfer to shipping providers for registration of shipments.


Smooth return and credit note processing to ensure customer satisfaction, as well as analysis of return reasons.


Easy creation of order confirmations, delivery notes, shipping labels and any related documents at the click of a mouse.

Drop shipment

weclapp supports drop shipment as well as classic shipment.


Easily create invoices, send them to customers and manage open items, including automated dunning.

Verkauf Anwendungsbereich

Intelligent automation of purchasing

weclapp’s purchasing software allows you to keep an eye on your delivery dates and can be completely relied upon for the monitoring and assurance of deadlines. weclapp simplifies disposition (planning) with partial automation and reduces the processing complexity of purchasing while increasing transparency at the same time. The modules in purchasing optimise planning as well as purchasing of goods and services. The programme supports:

Einkauf Anwendungsbereich


Manage your suppliers: use weclapp to efficiently manage all processes such as orders and supplier invoices from a single user interface.


weclapp’s intuitive workflow guides you automatically through the entire order process right up to subsequent processes such as goods and invoice receipt.


When you use invoices with order references, all required information is pre-entered automatically. The intuitive workflow guides you through the entire process, from invoice verification to payment.


weclapp supports demand-driven and consumption-based planning and generates automatic order and production proposals to avoid bottlenecks.

Goods receipt

weclapp simplifies the goods receipt process by entering the delivery directly into stock and automatically generating delivery receipts.

Open items list (incoming)

Keep an eye on all incoming invoices and settle them in just a few clicks. You can then transfer all items straight to DATEV.

Warehouse management made easy

Warehouse management allows you to manage your own stocks and consignment store stocks. The module within the weclapp Merchandise Management System provides you with all the information required for volume- and value-based administration of item stocks (material stocks). The weclapp Merchandise Management System’s important functions for warehouse management are:


Use weclapp for volume- and value-based management of stocks in warehouses and storage bins and gain an accurate overview.

Inventory management

Serial and batch numbers allow you to keep track of items of material and accurately allocate them in case of complaints or maintenance.

Stock movement

weclapp makes your stock movements transparent. Keep an eye on everything, including posting of incoming and outgoing stock as well as of stock transfer.

Inventory valuation

weclapp allows you to evaluate your stocks according to average purchase/output price, HGB and IFRS as preparation for balancing.


weclapp guides you step-by-step through the entire inventory process (periodic, sample-based or continuous physical inventory) and creates all necessary documents.


Intelligent interfaces to Amazon, POS software and the webshop allow you to forgo stock comparison and keep all of your data synchronised.

Lagerverwaltung Anwendungsbereich

Plan and control production

The production module supports business processes in the area of manufacturing. Create the necessary production orders, production bills of material and work plans based on bills of material, work plans and resources (workstations/people). The programme allows for multi-level bills of material and offers various bill of material representations for analysis (multi-level bills of material, single-level bills of material and quantity bills of material). The following functions are supported:


Production order

Production orders for manufacturing items simplify the manufacturing of your products. Volumes, deadlines and required subproducts are presented clearly.


Automatic booking in and out of goods assists you in production and saves a considerable amount of time.

Retroactive booking

When booking in a final product, all required components can be booked out retroactively.

Bills of material

Production bills of material can be created and managed easily. Record the components that you want to use as the basis for inventory control.


Automatic picking suggests items to extract based on available, unreserved stock.

Scrap quantity

 If you have consumed more material than planned, you can post the additional consumption to the individual items within the production order.

Efficient Merchandise Management for webshops

The weclapp Merchandise Management System offers online retailers an efficient tool for the management of their webshop and everything that comes along with it. All data are synchronised via a bidirectional interface to popular systems and marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopware and WooCommerce. This keeps both systems constantly up to date in all areas, from items and offers to orders, invoices and deliveries. Orders can be collected at the click of a mouse and processed efficiently.



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weclapp meets all of our requirements: it is an affordable, pure cloud solution. I wholeheartedly recommend weclapp’s Cloud ERP software. It is great value for money and help always came quickly whenever it was needed. There is no need for your own servers or installation of special software – you just need to go online, and it is all done for you.”


Thomas Assmann – CEO Zennio Gmbh

What is a Merchandise Management System

The aim of a Merchandise Management System is to manage and optimise all of a company’s information flows in the areas of sales, purchasing and warehousing. Information generated using software is used to support the company’s planning and decision-making processes. In order to control flows of commodity within a company, it is necessary to have a Merchandise Management System which maps the movement of goods.

The EDP-based model records every step in the areas of sales and logistics that a commodity goes through on its path from planning by the supplier to delivery to the customer. At the core of a Merchandise Management System is a database containing master data such as items, customers and suppliers as well as movement data for order processing. The entire operational process from procurement to goods issue is controlled from the Merchandise Management System. This includes tasks such as placing orders with the supplier, writing invoices and generating pick lists.

Today’s requirements of a Merchandise Management System often go far beyond just mapping flows of commodity and tend to include controlling functionalities as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionalities. Customer relationship management (CRM) is usually integrated along with the Merchandise Management System into these more comprehensive ERP systems designed to support planning and decision-making processes in the company.


How does a company benefit from the use of a Merchandise Management System?

The use of a Merchandise Management System becomes essential for a company once it reaches a certain size as there is no other way of tackling the arising data volumes. However, the use of appropriate software depends not only on the size of the company, but also on the specific workload associated with routine tasks such as the creation of order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices. If the administrative workload starts to consume too much time, then it is time to replace the homespun office solutions with a professional Merchandise Management System.

A Merchandise Management System offers a company various benefits:

  • Saved time

    Many workflows can be automated.

  • No redundancy

    No redundant data as a result of duplicate entries.

  • Transparency

    Have an accurate overview of current stock levels at all times.

  • Analysis

    Item-specific recording and analysis of all goods in terms of volume and value.

  • Optimisation

    Identify bestsellers and slow-moving items.

This allows sales management to immediately acknowledge which items need to be reordered and which need to be the subject of additional sales campaigns. The warehouse manager knows where stocks of a given item are located and the clerk can view, and if necessary, keep track of the status of order processing in real time.


What are the basic functionalities of a Merchandise Management System?

The basic functionalities of a Merchandise Management System include three interconnected subsystems, which cover the fundamental functions in an operational Merchandise Management System: purchasing, sales and warehousing While the purchasing system deals with the management of offers and ordering, which also includes item planning and complaints, the sales system is all about order processing with offers, orders, delivery notes and invoices. Warehouse management, which is divided into the goods receipt system, goods issue system and stock management, is centred around storage bin management. The Merchandise Management System keeps track of current stock levels of each item and of which storage bins are free as a result of direct booking of incoming and outgoing goods in the warehouse. The software for a Merchandise Management System also contains various interfaces which can be used to provide a connection with other systems, for example accounting.


What is a web-based Merchandise Management System?

A web-based Merchandise Management System features a user interface which can be operated via an Internet browser. This operating concept helps most users get to grips with the application very quickly. The application can be operated on various devices (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone) and Internet browsers. The approval rate among users is generally very high.


What is ERP software

ERP (enterprise resource planning) software has the same goal as a Merchandise Management System. It controls a company’s business processes with the aim of optimising the information processes. Typically speaking, an ERP system also covers other areas such as human resource management, financial accounting, asset accounting, etc.

The advantages of cloud-based Merchandise Management software

In addition to professional support, you also benefit from continuous further development, updates and added functions. You no longer need to operate and maintain your own servers, which allows you to focus on your core business while also minimising your costs and workload.

With more and more business processes taking place on mobile devices, a cloud-based Merchandise Management System can represent an ideal solution for many companies. Business processes can be controlled anywhere, at any time. Access to master data such as items and customers via the cloud no longer requires any inconvenient network solutions or installation of ERP software – all you need is Internet access and browser software, which are available on all stationary and mobile devices nowadays.

Authorised users only need to enter a password to gain access, after which they can immediately start working with the cloud-based Merchandise Management System. Aside from the practical advantages of a cloud-based system, there are also economic arguments in favour of its implementation. A cloud-based Merchandise Management System allows you to avoid the significant costs associated with the maintenance and management of servers and software.

FAQs: Das Warenwirtschaftssystem von weclapp

Wie kann die weclapp Warenwirtschaft-Software installiert und betrieben werden?
Die weclapp-Software kann als Cloud-Lösung verwendet werden. Hierzu ist nur ein internetfähiges Endgerät nötig. Die Software kann alternativ auch lokal auf Ihrem eigenen Firmenserver installiert werden.

Was ist das Besondere an der 30-Tage Testversion?
Mit der Registrierung für die 30 Tage Testversion gehen Sie keine Verpflichtung ein. Sie brauchen nicht einmal zu kündigen. Der Vorteil der Nutzung einer Testversion ist, dass Sie die Software kennenlernen können bevor Sie sich endgültig entscheiden.

Wie importiere ich meine Geschäftsdaten?
Die einzelnen Editionen stellen für die Datenintegration entsprechende „Datenintegrationstools“ zur Verfügung um Kunden, Lieferanten, Artikel usw. in die weclapp Software zu importieren. Unser Datenwizard führt Sie Schritt für Schritt durch den Importprozess. Bei weiterführenden Fragen steht Ihnen unser Kundensupport gerne zur Verfügung.

Welches sind die Vorteile eines Cloud-Betriebs in einem sicheren Rechenzentrum?
Professionelle Rechenzentrumsprozesse sorgen dafür, dass Ihre Daten vor unberechtigtem Zugriff geschützt sind. Durch redundante Systeme sind Ihre Daten permanent verfügbar und selbst bei eventuellen Ausfällen gesichert. Die Rechenzentren stehen in Deutschland – Ihre Daten unterliegen damit deutschem Recht.

Welche Laufzeiten und Abrechnungsmodalitäten stehen zur Verfügung?
Sie können zwischen einer Monats-, 12-Monats- und einer 24-Monats Lizenz wählen. Entsprechend der Lizenzlaufzeiten sind die Kündigungsfristen aufgesetzt. Zusätzlich kann als Abrechnungsmethode monatlich bzw. jährlich gewählt werden.

Was würde passieren, sollte es das Unternehmen weclapp nicht mehr geben?
Wir garantieren Ihnen, dass Sie die Anwendung auf einen lokalen Server in Ihrem Unternehmen mit allen Daten uminstallieren können.

Kann ich auch die Anwendung auf einem firmeneigenen Server installieren?
Ja, dies ist möglich. Die hierdurch entstehenden Kosten für die Installation sind vergleichbar mit denen einer On-Premise-Lösung.

Ist die Verbindung zu einem Online-Shopsystem möglich?
weclapp verfügt über eine Anbindung an Amazon, WooCommerce, Magento und Shopware und unterstützt sowohl Im- als auch Export von Daten anderer Shopsysteme in das Warenwirtschaftssystem. Weitere Schnittstellen befinden sich in der Entwicklung.

Gibt es Schnittstellen zu Drittanbietern?
Die Entwicklung von weclapp folgt dem Gedanken einer serviceorientierten Architektur. Funktionen aus Fremdsystemen können über Schnittstellen integriert werden; sofern die benötigten Funktionen nicht durch die Anwendungen von weclapp, wie CRM, Vertrags-, Projektmanagement oder Helpdesk abgedeckt werden.

Warum wird die Warenwirtschaft-Software durch ein PPS-System ergänzt?
Mit dem Produktionsplanungs- und Steuerungsmodul (PPS) ist das Warenwirtschaftssystem auch für Produktionsunternehmen nutzbar. Zur Erhöhung der Wertschöpfungstiefe, benötigen oft auch klassische Handelsunternehmen die Produktionsfunktionen aus dem Warenwirtschaftssystem.