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The ERP for SMEs!

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weclapp is an all-in-one software with which you can map all your business processes. The intelligent ERP system covers all needs of small and medium-sized companies and supports them with extensively automated processes and an intuitive workflow. Dispense with expensive isolated applications and complicated software. With weclapp, you can get started immediately without a lengthy implementation phase and without your own costly IT infrastructure.

Cost-effective all-in-one software
Immediately ready for use
Intuitively operated
Easily scalable
Flexibly extendable


weclapp Cloud software: Benefits for SMEs


As a software-as-a-service, weclapp is particularly affordable. There are no implementation and maintenance costs.


The certified data center in Germany stores and protects your sensitive data against access by third parties.

Ready to start immediately

You do not need an expensive IT infrastructure of your own, because you can simply use weclapp as a web-based application.


Secure your competitiveness with weclapp, because as an SME you can react quickly to changes in the market.

Increase effectiveness

With weclapp, you can optimize your business processes and ensure smooth operations in your SME.


To make the right forward-looking decisions, you can access up-to-date data at any time.


weclapp helps you to handle your business processes efficiently with automated and optimized workflows.

Exploit potential

Accelerate slow processes and discover new optimization potentials—you always have an overview of important KPIs with weclapp.

Intuitive operation

With weclapp, you can get started right away, because the solution is designed to be user-friendly and can be operated intuitively.

Control all processes in one software


Intelligent software for small and medium-sized enterprises

The ERP software by weclapp facilitates the daily work routine of small and medium-sized companies enormously. The extensive process automation saves you a lot of time and minimizes the susceptibility to errors. The intelligent workflow guides you through your daily tasks. Whether CRM, accounting or merchandise management system—weclapp combines all modules in one user-friendly software.


With the weclapp CRM, you will always maintain an overview of your contacts, prospects, and customers. You can plan campaigns and identify sales opportunities and therefore know the customers of tomorrow already today.


With the clearly structured weclapp helpdesk, you can process customer enquiries even faster and more efficiently. The integrated ticket system assists your support team in processing the individual inquiries.

Merchandise management

The weclapp merchandise management system is an efficient module within the cloud solution. It allows you to manage the areas of purchasing and sales, production and inventory in no time at all!

Project management

The weclapp project managementmodule ensures that your project planning and execution runs smoothly. All project participants have access to relevant information at all times. Thus, you always have a good overview.

Order management

Submitting offers, checking orders, writing invoices—all such tasks have to be done between project work. weclapp Order management makes it easy.


With weclapp Accounting you can carry out accounting tasks, monitor open items, payments and dunning levels, send DATEV exports directly to your tax office, and perform controlling tasks anytime and anywhere.


Free for 30 days. Automatic cancellation

These and other SMEs are enthusiastic about weclapp

Reinhard Raffl

Site manager of TDC Engineering


I would recommend weclapp especially to SMEs because it is uncomplicated and cost-effective.

Thomas Lutz

Project Manager of photografix.ch

Logo Photografix

It is great if you dispense with the installation of your own server for an ERP solution, especially as a small company.

Sini Jokic

Managing Director of Dokutrend

Logo Dokutrend

The modular system in the cloud is highly recommendable for small and medium-sized companies.

Digitalize your business processes!

Digitalize and automate your business processes with the intelligent Cloud ERP software from weclapp.

Free for 30 days. Automatic cancellation.

weclapp CRM and ERP packages for SMEs


Compact CRM solution — perfect for companies that want to acquire and retain customers

✔ Contact management
✔ 360-degree customer file
✔ Tasks calendar
✔ Email automation
✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
✔ Opportunities and campaigns

Service ERP

Perfect for IT service providers, consulting, agencies, IT consulting, etc.

✔ Offer and order
✔ Invoicing
✔ Project management
✔ Time tracking
✔ Recurring invoices
✔ Form designer
✔ Financial accounting and banking

+ all from a CRM

Trade ERP

Perfect for e-commerce, trade, production, system vendors, etc.

✔ Inventory management system
✔ Planning and purchasing
✔ Warehouse management
✔ Production
✔ Connection to online stores
✔ Amazon, eBay and Rakuten
✔ Serial and batch numbers

+ CRM & Service ERP