OnPremises solution weclappOn

The ERP system for use on your own servers

Powerful ERP software: server solution with full functionality

Every company has specific requirements. With weclappON, it is possible to use our powerful software with full functionality while remaining independent of your internet connection. And it is easy: host your ERP solution with the weclappON application!

weclappON has the same range of functions as the public cloud version. If you want to host the weclapp ERP solution, you have access to all modules at the same time you can enjoy the intuitive user interface.

ERP cloud il commercio

Control purchasing, sales and warehouse processing
with an all-in-one software.

cloud erp trade

weclapp OnPremises vs. weclapp Cloud

Decide which option works best for you. Either way, we support you!

weclapp OnPremises

Deployment model: weclappON – self-hosting

Payment model: buy licenses or lease

Payment model: from 15 euros/month* + support package

Server structure: use on own servers

Access: via intranet connection

Updates: regular updates and optimizations

Connection: internal and external accessibility

Data storage: on own server

*Minimum booking for first order: 2 licenses of the same package

weclapp Cloud

Deployment model: weclapp Cloud – Saas-solution

Payment model: lease

Costs: from 15 euros/month*

Server structur: use on weclapp servers

Access: via internet connection

Updates: regular updates and optimizations

Connection: remote working

Data storage: in the weclapp cloud

*Minimum booking for first order: 2 licenses of the same package

Adaptation and integration

weclappON can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and backup concept. The data of the weclapp installation is backed up together with your previous data. weclappON is accessible via an internal IP address in your network. The REST API can also be addressed and used internally in your network.

API documentation



Configuration and adaptation options

Data security with weclappON

With weclappON, your data is stored on your own server. Additionally, the role-based rights management securely and flexibly determines who in the company has access to what. Data transfer takes place via SSL-encrypted connection with a 256-bit key. The two-factor authentication process enables secure access and prevents unauthorized access.

✔ Rights management

✔ SSL-encryption

256-bit key

✔ 2-factor authentication

WinAuth, Google Authenticator, FreeOTP

✔ RSA-encryption

✔ Web application firewall

✔ User-defined backup options


Implementation and further development

weclapp software is continuously being optimized and expanded. With each update, the solution is supplemented with useful features. You can also enjoy the new features with the on-premises model.

Regular updates

Linux-, Unix-, Mac compatible

Free online trainings

Installable as Docker Image

Quickly ready for use

weclappON is quickly installed and immediately ready for use. After downloading and installing the docker image, you and your team can use all weclapp components for 30 days for free. If you are convinced this is the solution for you, simply request the license key from weclapp after the test phase. Then enter the license key and continue using weclappON without restrictions.

  • Minimal installation effort

  • Phone and written support from the weclapp team

  • 30-day free trial period

  • Unlimited use after the license key is entered

Prerequisites for using weclappON

  • Server: 64-bit Linux server on Docker
  • Memory: at least 2 GB RAM, ideally 4 GB
  • CPU: the faster the better
  • Hard-disk space: as necessary, SSD recommended

Standard values for your planning

  • Small installations (1–5 users) require approx. 200 MB/year
  • Medium installations (6–20 users) require approx. 500 MB/year
  • Large installations (> 20 users) require approx. 1–2 GB/year

Transparent pricing model

With weclappON, you can use all functions that are also available with the weclapp cloud solution and the price is the same. You only pay for the licenses you use. Software updates are already included. A support package is required.

Low-cost but with a wide range of functions

Free 30-day trial version

Updates included

Price advantages from 10 users


The compact CRM solution for
growing companies.

✔ Contact management
✔ 360-degree customer file
✔ Tasks & calendar
✔ Email automation
✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
✔ Opportunities & Campaigns

Starting at €15 per month per user*

ERP Services

The right package for service providers, consultants, agencies, IT consultants, etc.

✔ Offer & Order
✔ Project management
✔ Time tracking
✔ Invoicing
✔ Recurring invoices
✔ Accounting & Banking

+ all CRM features

Starting at €29 per month per user*

ERP trade

The all-in-one package for e-commerce, trade, production, system vendors, etc.

✔ Inventory management system
✔ Planning & Purchasing
✔ Warehouse management
✔ Serial & and batch numbers
✔ Production
✔ Shop connection
✔ Amazon, eBay & Rakuten

+ All CRM & ERP services features

Starting at €59 per month per user*

*Minimum booking for first order: 2 licenses of the same package

The benefits of weclappON at a glance

 Self hosting: Work irrespective of internet connection

 Quick start: Out of the box solution

No compromises: Full range of functions for the same price

Always up-to-date: Updates also available for weclappON

For all: weclappON available for Linux and Mac

Flexible: Mobile apps for use on smartphones etc.

✔  Data ownership: Data are stored only on own servers


If you have any questions about weclappON,

please do not hesitate to contact us!