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Who we are

weclapp is currently one of the fastest growing Cloud ERP systems in Europe and was awarded 3 times in a row as ERP system of the year. Since 2008 it is our goal to simplify the daily work of small and medium sized companies with our modern software.
No matter if CRM, merchandise management or accounting – with weclapp it is possible for teams to manage all important business processes intelligently in an all-in-one software. From customer management and order processing to invoicing and financial accounting.

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Why our customers love weclapp

Intuitive user guidance

weclapp is immediately ready for use and particularly easy to operate. Because of the modern interface, all important processes can be controlled intuitively.

All-in-One Software

We enable time and cost savings, because with weclapp all important business processes can be controlled intelligently in an all-in-one software.

Automated workflows

weclapp helps companies to automate and optimize their workflows. This saves valuable time, money and nerves and enables them to work more efficiently.

Improved teamwork

weclapp makes team work. With weclapp it is possible to control all important processes together – with only one software and one central database.

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The use of our powerful
ERP platform in figures:

weclapp is in strong demand by our customers in the most diverse industries. No matter if wholesale, production or e-commerce – the use of weclapp and the activities of our customers have been enormous since the market entry:

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weclapp on course for growth

weclapp makes team work – and not only in Germany. As a Cloud ERP provider it is our concern to give companies worldwide the possibility to work efficiently and customer-oriented. Our goal: to become the leading provider for cloud based ERP platforms in Europe.

What we have achieved so far

Facelift, rebranding and ISO 27001 certificate

weclapp appears with a new logo and therefore a new user interface! In addition to that, the corporate design was optimized and the application itself was significantly improved. In 2019 the information security management system (ISMS) of weclapp was thoroughly tested. This confirmed that weclapp fulfils the high level of security and protection of sensitive data and information in terms of integrity, confidentiality and availability. In addition, there is a change of the company form from a GmbH to SE, with the aim of expanding our international orientation.

3 times in a row ERP system of the year + 10 years weclapp

For the 3rd time in a row weclapp received the award “ERP-system of the year” in 2018. The hard work and the experience gained in the last 10 years has worked off – weclapp is on the right track!
Besides the great successes weclapp launched the web-enabled POS software weclappPOS in 2018.

ERP system of the year 2017 + Amazon interface

Also in 2017 weclapp won the title “ERP system of the year”! In addition, Amazon can now be integrated into the merchandise management system ensuring now smooth processes in all areas of retail.

ERP system of the year 2016 + Cloud Leader Germany

2016 was a great year for weclapp. At the IT & Business fair in Stuttgart, the Center for Enterprise Research (CER) weclapp was awarded the title “ERP system of the year 2016”. Especially in the field of ergonomics, weclapp scored almost full marks especially because of its user-friendly interface.
In addition, weclappON is launched on the market, enabling users to host the powerful ERP software locally on their own servers.
Among other things, weclapp’s accounting software receives a major update with banking interfaces.
Also this year weclapp receives again the award as Cloud Leader Germany!

Launch accounting software + award as Cloud Leader Germany

2015 the new accounting software was released for the Cebit and weclapp receives the award as Cloud Leader Germany from the Experton Group!

Release of cloud-based CRM and ERP complete solution for service providers

This year weclapp expanded, continuously developed and added new functions. In 2014 weclapp released the new web-based CRM and ERP solutions for service providers to cover different project requirements with one unified dashboard.

Market launch + award as Newcomer of the Year

After 5 years of development and optimization, weclapp finally appears on the market in 2013! Shortly after the market launch, weclapp is awarded as Cloud Newcomer of the Year among 400 companies by the analyst house of the Experton Group.

Development of weclapp

weclapp was continuously developed by 50 developers at 3 locations (Mumbai-India, Hanoi-Vietnam and Marburg-Germany) at full speed and with feedback from beta users. In only 5 years our team put 250 man-years of development on its feet! (1 man-year = 1 person per year; 50 persons x 5 years)

Foundation of weclapp

weclapp was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of the listed 3U Holding.

The weclapp Culture Code

We are ONE team. No exceptions.
We are all different, but we have a common goal: To become the market leader in the field of cloud-based ERP platforms in Europe, as a team, because we are the key to success!

  • We are a team

  • We assume responsibility

  • We develop further

  • We inspire our customers

  • We have a great atmosphere

 The heart of weclapp

The heart of weclapp

Ertan Özdil is CEO, founder & shareholder of weclapp. Ertan started programming computer games and demos at the age of 9 years. He followed this enthusiasm and passion for software and programming and so his career began in the early 1990s with the development of a merchandise management system for an IT wholesaler. In 2001, he developed an open source solution for customer relationship management – one of the first open source CRM systems available at that time.

The know-how gained from these two key projects as well as from numerous process consulting projects in companies led to the early and trend-setting idea of weclapp in 2008: a cloud-based ERP software for all business areas. Ertan was one of the first who recognized the potential of such an application and launched a cloud solution for corporate management. Still today he is actively involved in the optimization of the ERP software and regularly develops new features for weclapp.