Accounting software for small and mid-sized companies

Keep an overview of your finances with the accounting program from weclapp.

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Intuitive software for efficient bookkeeping

Accounting can be fun too!

Do you want to process your accounting; monitor open items, payments, cash receipts and dunning levels; update financial accounting for your tax advisor and administer controlling tasks from anywhere and at any time? This is possible with the web-based accounting software from weclapp!

Variable processing of recurring accounting and cyclical control work
Automated processes and practical links
Clear user interfaces and logical recording and booking screens
Thanks to weclapp certification, work according to GoBD at any time


Overview of key functions


Handling postings is easy with weclapp thanks to its clear designs.


Always have an overview of your finances—with the weclapp Finance dashboard!

Point of sale

weclapp offers a variety of options in cash management, e.g. creating cash reports.

Open items

Quickly and easily create open items directly in the invoice workflow and then monitor them.

Dunning process

weclapp’s three-stage dunning system makes work easier with a structured dunning run overview.

Perform intuitive bookings

Invoices and documents

You can easily record and process invoices and other documents.

Document number and booking texts

Easily assign individual document numbers and posting texts.


weclapp allows you to save posting templates and split postings.

Controlling for your company

Finance dashboard

Always keep an eye on finances with the Finance dashboard!

Data and numbers

Access essential company data and key figures at any time.

Master data

weclapp makes it easy to call up and change financial and corporate settings.


The clear design makes it easy to process invoices and payments.

Easy point-of-sale management

Cash records

weclapp enables you to quickly and conveniently record cash receipts.


Easily and intuitively create receipts for deposits with the software.

Cash sheets and reports

Create cash sheets with weclapp and produce cash reports.

Manage open items

Open item list

Created invoices can be easily transferred to the open postings list with one click.


The visually unique overview provides a good summary of open and paid invoices.

Mass action

With weclapp, you can perform mass actions for outstanding invoices.

Dunning process made easy

Sending email

Easily send reminder and collection letters directly to your customers via e-mail.


You can use standard letters or individual dunning texts for your correspondence.


Use the transparent dunning level overview in weclapp, including tolerances and deadlines.

Default interest

With weclapp, you can consider default interest for past-due invoices.


30 days free. Automatic cancelation

Additional accounting features

Business transactions

Practical accounting templates for revenue and expenditure. Record business transactions without accounting knowledge.

Supplier payment run

Overview of supplier invoices Easily check, scan and post supplier receivables.

Batch posting

Quickly capture and properly process invoices and documents. Conveniently enter document number, booking text and tax rate.

Banking integration

Connect to company online banking accounts. Bank transactions can be directly retrieved, processed and posted.

Account statements

Benefit from automatically processing bank statements in weclapp, including recording and settlement.

SEPA direct debit

Create SEPA-compliant direct debit files and collective direct debits in weclapp with just a few clicks.

DATEV export

Directly export your accounting data in the correct format. You can directly transfer your data to your tax advisor via DATEVconnect online.


With just a few clicks, weclapp enables you to create an Intrastat report and a summary message.

Arrival confirmation

Create arrival confirmations for European countries easily and quickly with weclapp.


Recurring purchase invoices can be generated and automatically processed via the weclapp contract module.


weclapp supports importing purchase invoices as well as exporting sales invoices in ZUGFeRD format.

And many additional great features!

Advance notification of value added tax

Easily request certificates for authenticated data transmission and automatically read the certificate every time the ELSTER is transmitted (coming soon).

Target taxation vs. actual taxation

Simply select whether your company is a target or actual taxable entity. weclapp then supports you in all additional steps (coming soon).

Experience weclapp on all devices

With weclapp’s web-based accounting software, you can work anywhere and anytime! Whether on your tablet, smartphone, notebook or PC—the application can be used in all popular browsers. For Android and iOS, you can also download the weclapp app.



30 days free. Automatic cancelation

The weclapp accounting module –
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weclapp is easy to use, reliable and comprehensive. I can create invoices wherever and whenever I want!

Holger Kleinkopf, Owner of HK-Consult

We use weclapp as our all-round software especially for creating invoices and offers.

Dominik Waitzer, CEO of DeSight Studio

Order and invoice management has never been structured like this before—weclapp is an unbeatable tool!

Frank Herold, owner of herold neue medien