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With the online CRM system from weclapp, you can gain new customers and retain them for the long term!

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Cloud CRM software

Gain more customers and increase customer satisfaction

Identify, gain and retain customers: Generating leads, converting prospects into customers and retaining them for the long-term can easily be done with weclapp CRM.

Boost customer satisfaction: weclapp provides a comprehensive overview of your contacts, prospects and customers. The perfect basis for offering fast and expert service at any time.

Simplify and optimize customer communication: A complete interaction history in the customer file means you can check the entire communication log at any time. Emails can be sent directly from weclapp.


Successful sales funnel and develop customer relations

  • Campaigns

    Successful campaigns via all channels: use CRM information to contact customers and prospects strategically.

  • Leads

    The systematic lead management contributes to your marketing so that it passes many qualified contacts on to sales.

  • Opportunities

    Prioritize potentials to convert prospects into customers to appropriately handle customers with high potential.

  • Customers and contacts

    Contacts can easily and quickly be created or pulled from your emails and address books and managed.

  • Customer retention

    Thanks to the complete communication history in weclapp, you can react quickly and individually to the concerns of your customers at any time.

Gain new customers and retain them for the long term

Campaign management

Create new marketing campaigns in an instant: With just a few clicks, you can add prospects and customers to campaign participants. Use the information already collected in CRM for targeted communication. This information can be delivered to professional newsletter providers (e.g. MailChimp & CleverReach) via an interface. You can easily create email and newsletter campaigns.

Lead management

With weclapp, you can move through the various qualification levels from first contact to closing a deal and you can transparently show all your colleagues what next steps are required. You can pre-qualify, qualify and disqualify prospects. Then, on the overview pages, you can filter all pre-qualified prospects from a specific city, for example, and then further process these results.

Opportunity management

Opportunities are created for prospects which have the potential to generate business. The opportunity process performed with weclapp typically starts with identifying an opportunity, followed by communication and analysis of the purchase request, for example for a product or a service. This allows you and your team to prioritize the potential for turning prospects into customers and take appropriate action.

Customer and contact management

In the 360-degree customer file, you can see all the activities that took place with the customer or prospect chronologically. You can connect tasks and events with prospects or customers as well as manage incoming and outgoing emails. Contacts can easily be saved or pulled from your emails and address books. However, existing data can also be imported into the CRM system without difficulty.

Customer retention

Excellent support is a prerequisite for satisfied customers. And for this, smooth communication is key. If a customer contacts you with a request, you should be as informed as possible about the communication history with that customer. With weclapp, you can automatically store the entire email correspondence in the respective customer file and thus consult it quickly. In addition, new emails can be sent directly from weclapp.

Additional features


The easiest way to manage and distribute daily tasks anytime, from anywhere and on all devices.


Practical email functions with mail archiving of all major business transactions directly in weclapp.

Adress book

Easy online address management with MS Outlook and Google synchronization.


You and other colleagues can use it simultaneously to organize dates, e.g. vacation calendar.


Secure online storage provides location-independent access to all documents from all devices.


Thanks to the weclapp’s sales commission statement, you save a lot of time and avoid mistakes.


With the optional Helpdesk add-on, you can conveniently manage all incoming tickets.

Good reasons for weclapp

Central database

Central data retention enables the entire team to have access to data from all departments in real time. This improves the collaboration between different departments and locations.

Save time and money

Using weclapp results in significant cost savings. Additionally, eliminating many individual solutions saves time and increases transparency in your company.

Grow together

Operating in the cloud eliminates implementation and maintenance costs and updates are free. The modular design allows you to start risk free and scale at any time.

Data security

The security of your data is very important to us. weclapp is a German company certified according to ISO 27001. Your data is stored in an audited FFM computer center.

Known from reporting from e.g.:

Computerwoche Logo

Mobile CRM for access regardless of time and location

360° customer file

View customer files at any time so that you always deliver the best service.

Flexible contact management

Thanks to the interface to snapADDY, you can add contacts to your system at any time.

Always up to date

View the status of your tasks at any time in the mobile CRM.

Mobile scheduling

Quickly and easily coordinate your schedule even on the go.


30 days free. Automatic cancelation

Our satisfied customers state:


Kerstin Mechler

Managing Director from Küssdiebraut

Logo Kuess die Braut

“We like that a solution can be modern and user-friendly at the same time.”


Kai Gessenich

Managing Director from Hansford Sensors

Logo Hansford Sensors

“As a cloud CRM, weclapp is accessible from anywhere and intuitive to use. Perfect for quickly accessing all our data!”


Jessica Krauter

Founder of buah

“weclapp boosts our efficiency. Our processes are handled automatically and this saves us time.”


Silvia Schwentner

Managing Director from Northlight

“Everything is presented really clearly in weclapp. This means we can perfectly support our customers and work effectively.”

The compact CRM solution for growing companies!

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360-degree customer view
Tasks and calendar
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Telephone connection (CTI)
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