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Cloud Software for Service Providers

Whether you are an agency, consultant, IT or other service provider, the Cloud ERP software by weclapp supports all processes in the services industry and allows you to manage various project related activities with only one system:

Professional contact and customer management (CRM), as well as customer project management, which enables you to easily transfer time and service data to proposals, contracts, and invoices (ERP). The online ERP system can be expanded modularly in order to manage customer or project support tickets (Help desk).

The many online collaboration functions strengthen customer management and project planning — all employees have access to the latest comments and document versions. In order to meet the various requirements of a broad array of service providers, the Cloud ERP software can be tailored to specific needs. New customized fields can be added quickly and existing ones modified easily. This allows for documentation of even the most “exceptional” cases.








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Customer and contact management (CRM)

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With the software for service providers, all interrelationships within your organization can be displayed and managed. For example, if a customer calls, that conversation can be noted and stored in the CRM system. E-mails, as well, can be saved in the customer file with just a few mouse clicks. The web application provides a targeted approach to managing business partners (contacts, leads, customers) and all activities associated with that business partner.

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External newsletter services can be integrated into campaign management efforts and other initiatives. This is how weclapp can support your online advertising measures.

On a functional level, all employees can access customer data via their browser, ensuring fast and cost effective availability of information. Additionally, users can stay organized using the document management system, or they can control their own scheduling, address, or task management.

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Screenshot: Projektaufgaben und Projektkosten

weclapp provides simple tools to handle even complex projects, only keeping the functions that are truly needed. Project-related tasks can be easily established and entered quickly into the right project structure via a drag & drop function. Manage milestones, distribute tasks, and stay abreast of progress at all times.

Factors that determine project success include not only correct task distribution, but also transparent communication across teams and a uniform information structure. weclapp has therefore made it extremely easy to discuss tasks and chat about documents. Through the DMS, all employees are always working on the latest document version.

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The project management module is not based on traditional project management systems, but focuses on simplicity in the areas of task management, teamwork, and document management. Particular attention has been given to the area of efficient communication. Users can send e-mails from the system or can communicate with one or more colleagues via the internal chat system.

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Time log and service record

Using the group calendar, project teams are always on top of timelines. Appointments can be found, scheduled, and tracked quickly and easily. Timelines can be optimally coordinated without a great deal of processing.

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A core function of project management is the efficient logging of project-related services performed and time spent. Team members working on a particular project book their hours and expenses directly into the respective project or task. In order to accomplish this while on the road, services can be entered using a web interface or the mobile applications for Android and iOS. Work hours on-site at the customer can thus be timed and logged directly into the system.

Logging in work hours directly instead of entering them into the system at a later date saves time. Not a single hour will go unbilled because all logged hours and services can be transferred to an invoice with just one mouse click.

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Screenshot: Zeiterfassung für Projekte und Aufgaben

Proposals, Orders, and (recurring) Invoices

Using the online proposal and order management feature, you can create and send professional proposals and invoices with just a few clicks. Even if you are not an accountant! Additionally, save time with proposal documentation and recurring invoices. Similar proposals can be created quickly and easily using templates, and with the recurring invoice function, regular payments can be easily automated.

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Once assimilated, all your documents will conform to your corporate design. When you are writing invoices, they will be formatted to your specifications: logo, standard texts, and backgrounds can be customized to fit your preferences.

weclapp supports the creation of proposals, orders, and invoices in conformance with regulatory statutes. Created documents are always securely archived in the document management system. At the close of the month, simply export your DATEV conforming invoices, supporting documents, and payment transfers and send them to your tax advisor or accountant.

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Optional: Help desk expansion

The optional help desk add-on expands your existing ERP system with many additional functions relating to after-sales support. With the help desk, you will speed up and optimize your customer service. You will significantly improve the quality and response times of your support team by providing your customers several means of contacting you with requests. The help desk system immediately bundles all channels — customer portal, e-mail, and telephone. All requests (internal and external) are clearly listed in the ticket system, and the support questions can be passed on to the appropriate employee.

Additional Features


The easiest way to manage and distribute daily tasks across all employees and end devices at all times.


Shared use among colleagues for easy organization of appointments or vacation calendar.


Practical e-mail functions with mail archive for all important business events.


The secure online storage solution for access from any end device from anywhere
weclapp Adressverwaltung

Address book

Easy online address management with synchronization to MS Outlook and Google.


Easy team collaboration via chat function in the internal company social network.

Additional Features


  • Full text search and filter function
  • Process history
  • Data import/export wizard (xls, xlsx, csv, Datanorm, vcard)
  • Document management in all applications
  • Protocols, reports/reviews, operating numbers, reporting
  • Cockpits for revenue, purchasing, inventory and more
  • Personalized start widgets
  • Customer and industry-specific fields
  • Customizable form designer for all areas
  • Data fields that can be individually configured and adapted
  • Bookmarks and protocols
  • Customizable views
  • Role-based authorization concepts
  • Multiple language capability for business communication and dialog box
  • Integration with all weclapp apps as well as other applications (for example, Mailchimp, Magento)
  • Text modules
  • weclapp API (connect your own applications)
  • Foreign currency

Customer and contact management (CRM)

  • Contact management
  • Leads management
  • Customer management
  • Sales opportunities
  • Web2Lead
  • Campaign management
  • Sales regions
  • Customer classification
  • Competitor management
  • Log events (e-mails, meetings, etc.)
  • Geographic location of customers
  • Regional management
  • Sales pipeline

Organization and Collaboration

  • Web mail client
  • Personal signatures
  • Account sharing
  • Online calendar
  • Calendar sharing
  • Task and appointment management
  • Assign and share tasks
  • Audit-proof document archiving
  • OCR text recognition
  • Personalized task lists
  • Personal address book
  • Document management including version control
  • Team chat
  • Activity stream
  • Synching with Office/Outlook
  • Mail synchronization (Exchange, Google)
  • File manager


  • Project planning and overview
  • Project teams with user roles
  • Project tasks, subordinated tasks, and milestones
  • Graphic progress displays
  • Project archiving
  • Time log
  • Project structure map
  • Resource management
  • Project documents
  • Risk and cost management


  • Services and warehouse items
  • Substitute/alternative and optional items
  • Free text fields
  • Proposal templates and copies
  • Margin displays
  • Automatic send-out via e-mail
  • Layout can be adapted with form designer
  • PDF preview
  • Multi-tiered discounts
  • Print versioning
  • Scalable
  • Multi-lingual texts
  • Foreign currency
  • Availability display
  • Date calculation
  • Flexible pricing system: graduated pricing scale/bulk pricing, prices specific to sales channel


  • Services and warehouse items
  • Substitute/alternative and optional items
  • Free text fields
  • Proposal templates and copies
  • Margin displays
  • Automated e-mailing
  • Layout can be adapted with form designer
  • PDF preview
  • Multi-tiered discounts
  • Print versioning
  • Scalable
  • Multi-language texts
  • Foreign currency
  • Availability display
  • Date calculation
  • Flexible pricing system: graduated pricing scale/bulk pricing, pricing specific to sales channel


  • Billing & proforma invoices
  • Deposit invoicing and final billing
  • Multi-tiered partial payments
  • Recurring invoices
  • Vouchers
  • Cash invoices
  • Credit invoices
  • Automatic send-out via e-mail
  • Open item accounting administration with DATEV export
  • Generic interface to foreign financial accounting systems
  • Payment record
  • Revenue reports in the sales cockpit
  • Chart of sample accounts
  • Import/ export of accounting entries

Product and item management

  • Serial numbers and batch numbers
  • Supplier item number
  • Returns
  • Sales items and product groups
  • Inventory management
  • Flexible pricing system: graduated pricing scale/bulk pricing, pricing according to sales channel
  • Bill of materials
  • Prices and conditions
  • Currencies
  • Item discounts and price groups
  • Graduated discount scale

The weclapp service promise

  • Free software updates, hotfixes, service packages
  • Tutorial videos
  • Support portal with knowledge database (FAQ)
  • Live chat support
  • Basic e-mail support
  • Integrated helpful hints
  • Trained product consultant
  • Free webinars on a regular basis

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The cost-effective, web-based customer and project management software solution for agencies

Company consultations

The all-in-one customer and consulting project management solution for small to medium sized consulting firms

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The perfect combination of customer management, invoicing, and help desk, including time logs