Little money – a lot of software


15 €

The compact CRM solution for small
businesses, founders and freelancers.

✔ Contact management
✔ 36o degree customer file
✔ Tasks & calendar
✔ Email automatization
✔ Telephone connection (CTI)
✔ Campaigns & Selling chances

ERP Services

29 €

The perfect all-round package for service
providers, agencies and consulting.

✔ Quotes and orders
✔ Project management
✔ Time recording
✔ Invoice
✔ Recurring billing
✔ Accounting

+ All CRM features

ERP Trade

59 €

The professional all-round package
for retailers and wholesalers.

✔ Merchandise management system
✔ Planning and purchasing
✔ Warehouse management
✔ Serial- and batch numbers
✔ Production
✔ Webshop interface
✔ Amazon, eBay & Rakuten

+ All CRM & ERP services features

The prices listed are net prices and subject to the statutory value added tax which is listed separately on the invoice. For first-term appointments the minimum appointment are two licences of the same package.

Do you want to try weclapp?

You can test all functions extensively. You don’t have to pay for the 30-days-trial and it ends automatically.

Do you want to mix the packages?

It is possible to arrange a longer period as well as to combine licences from different packages.

Do you have more than 10 users?

We gladly work out an individual query for you, including capacity shedule with pricing advantages!

Feel free to contact us in case of questions.
You can phone +49 6421 999 1800 or send us an Email to  ✉

Thousands of companies from all industries use weclapp successfully


Included in all packages

Free support

Free maintenance & updates

Free webinars

App for iOS & Android

Individual boxes

Various export opportunities

99,5% availability

Authorization concept

Daily backups



265 Bit encryption

We support you in the introduction


We are happy to help you with the configuration of the software so that you can start (through) directly! We evaluate workflow optimizations for you, so that working with weclapp is even easier.


On request, we can also take over the technical implementation of your ERP implementation. Our trained personnel will help you with the data import and the adaptation of your existing master data to weclapp.


You don’t have time for Learning-by-Doing? No problem, we make you fit for the immediate commissioning of the software and show you what weclapp can do! Step by step we make you a weclapp professional.

Feel free to contact us in case of questions.
You can phone +49 6421 999 1800 or send us an Email to  ✉

Comparison of all functions




WebMail Client li-check li-check li-check
Mail-Synchronization li-check li-check li-check
Personal address book li-check li-check li-check
Online calendar, calendar releases li-check li-check li-check
Tasks- and appointment management li-check li-check li-check
Data manager li-check li-check li-check
Teamchat & Activity Stream li-check li-check li-check
Contact, stakeholder, customer management li-check li-check li-check
Happenings (Emails, tasks, appointments etc.) li-check li-check li-check
Selling chances li-check li-check li-check
Campaign management li-check li-check li-check
Sales regions, geographic customer position li-check li-check li-check
Sales pipeline li-check li-check li-check
Competitors management li-check li-check li-check
Web2Lead – Contact data of web form li-check li-check li-check
Automatic email shelf in the customer file li-check li-check li-check
Social media integration of contacts li-check li-check li-check
Email marketing (Mailchimp, Cleverreach) li-check li-check li-check
CTI-telephone connection li-check li-check li-check
Import customer data li-check li-check li-check
Mobile CRM App for Android/iOS li-check li-check li-check
Project planning and overview li-check li-check
Project teams with user roles li-check li-check
Project tasks, milestones, structure plan li-check li-check
Graphical progress bar li-check li-check
Resource management li-check li-check
Time recording li-check li-check
Risk- and cost management li-check li-check
Project billing li-check li-check
Invoice, pro-forma invoices,
subscription invoice
li-check li-check
Down-payment-, desposit- and final invoice li-check li-check
Credits li-check li-check
Individual terms of payment li-check li-check
Cash- and credit invoices li-check li-check
Automatic email-distribution li-check li-check
Invoice overview (open, paid, cancelled, etc.) li-check li-check
Open items management with  DATEV-Export li-check li-check
Interface to foreign accounting-systems li-check li-check
Recording of payments li-check li-check
Sales reports in the sales cockpit li-check li-check
Sample of account system li-check li-check
Import/ export of bookings li-check li-check
Angebots- und Auftragsverwaltung li-check   li-check
Angebotsvorlagen und Kopien li-check li-check
Freitextpositionen li-check li-check
PDF Vorschau li-check li-check
Druckversionierung li-check li-check
Automatischer E-Mail Versand li-check li-check
Margenanzeige li-check li-check
Mehrstufige Kopf- und Positionsrabatte li-check li-check
Terminberechnung li-check li-check
Ladenverkauf li-check
Sales articles and product groups li-check li-check
Service articles li-check li-check
Stock items li-check
Alternative and optional article, variant article li-check li-check
Multilingual article texts li-check li-check
Inventory management, availability display li-check li-check
Sources of supply li-check li-check
Purchase- and sales list li-check li-check
Flex. pricing system: Bulk prices, customer prices li-check li-check
Article discounts, scale of discounts li-check li-check
Groups of items, sales bill of materials li-check li-check
Serial- and batch numbers li-check li-check
Supplier management and supplier article numbers li-check
Purchase items and product groups li-check
demand-driven- and consumption-based disposition with automatic supplier selection li-check
Order handling li-check
Receipt billing control li-check
Form management (Order, goods receipt slip, supplier-open items-management) li-check
Incoming goods li-check
Supplier return li-check
Warehouse and warehouse space management li-check
Simple and complex warehouse structure,
multistage warehouse
Incoming goods to fixed storage spaces or support of chaotic warehouses li-check
Inventory management of warehouses,
warehouse zones, storage places
Inventory and inventory analysis li-check
Dropshipping li-check
Barcode scan and EAN-barcode-labels li-check
Inventory entry (acquisition-, retirement-, transfer posting) li-check
Alternative warehouse quantity unit li-check
Stock rotation balance sheet li-check
Order picking li-check
Fast store and aging li-check
Delivery and delivery note li-check
Shipping labels li-check
Order picking with certificate li-check
Shipping dependent on payment, direct shipment li-check
Interface for shipping providers DHL, GLS, DPD, Hermes and UPS li-check
Price adjustments li-check
Returns li-check
Magento optional
Shopware optional
WooCommerce optional
Shopify optional
VersaCommerce optional
xt:Commerce 3 optional
POS/Point of sale optional
Amazon optional
ebay (coming soon)
Resources (material usage) li-check
Cost centers li-check
Bill of materials management li-check
Production management system li-check
Material disposition (like purchase) li-check
Notification for consumption of material li-check
Form management (e.g. production order, material withdrawal, time ticket) li-check
Cash department li-check li-check
Open items management li-check li-check
Dunning li-check li-check
Banking integration li-check li-check
Bach postings li-check li-check
DATEV-export li-check li-check
Net income accounts li-check li-check
Balance sheet li-check li-check
Contract management optional optional optional
Contractual partner management optional optional optional
Contract archiving optional optional optional
Contract earnings and -expense optional optional optional
Automatic reminders optional optional optional
Automatic extension optional optional optional
Reporting optional optional optional
Authorization system optional optional optional
Ticket management optional optional optional
Ticket accounting optional optional optional
Ticket template optional optional optional
E-Mail-to-Ticket optional optional optional
Customer portal optional optional optional
Service-Level-Agreement optional optional optional
Automatic ticket allocation optional optional optional
Full-text search and filter function li-check li-check li-check
History of procedure li-check li-check li-check
Personal start widgets li-check li-check li-check
Customer- and industry-specific boxes li-check li-check li-check
Bookmarks and course feature li-check li-check li-check
Individual views li-check li-check li-check
Customizable number range li-check li-check
Text modules li-check li-check li-check
Data import/-export wizard (xls, xlsx, csv, Datanorm, vcard) li-check li-check li-check
Document management incl.
versioning & archiving
li-check li-check li-check
Protocols, reports, key figures li-check li-check li-check
Key figure cockpits of e.g.
revenue, purchase, inventory
li-check li-check li-check
Configure and customize individual data boxes li-check li-check li-check
Flexible form designer for all supporting documents li-check li-check
Authorization concept based on roles li-check li-check li-check
Multilingual of commercial- and dialogue languages li-check li-check li-check
Foreign currency li-check li-check li-check
weclapp API (connect your own application) li-check li-check li-check
Free software updates, hotfixes li-check li-check li-check
Videos for help and knowledge database (FAQ) li-check li-check li-check
Integrated tips li-check li-check li-check
Email support li-check li-check li-check
Telephone support (like support package) optional optional optional
Live chat support (like support packages) optional optional optional
Online remote support per Teamviewer (like support packages) optional optional optional
Regular free webinars li-check li-check li-check

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Our Addons – as of 19€ per month/user!


Online-ticket system for a faster and aimed processing of customer inquiries.

Contract management

Manage contracts efficiently, digitizing and use contract databases online.

weclapp was repeatedly rewarded

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Common questions and answers

No, the trial account is free and non-binding. After 30 days testing time it runs off automatically. You don’t need to terminate the trial. The software only becomes fee-based, if you order the software and accept the binding purchase contract.

The modules contract management and helpdesk are fee-based Addons and cost up to 19€ per month and user.

weclapp is not installed on your computer center like a classic software. Instead, you have an online-access to the Cloud. There are no additional costs for installation, maintenance and updates. You can use the software as a SaaS-solution (Software as a Service) and book or cancel new licenses at any time. Thus, the amount of licenses per application is customized to your individual needs. And you remain financially flexible.

Either every second year, every year or every month

Our highest priority is your security. weclapp joined the initative Cloud Services in Germany. That means: Your data is saved in various computer centers but only in Germany. They neither leave the country, nor will they passed to an external computer center. Also the contracts, you conclude with weclapp, are in conformity to german rights.

Most of our customers prefer the safe solution of weclapp in the public cloud. We offer weclappON to stakeholders, who want to store weclapp on their own server.

The period of notice depends on the contract term, you set while your conclusion of contract. At the monthly billed license the period of notice is one month. At the duration, that is longer, the cancellation is only possible at the end of the contractual set duration. As weclapp administrator you have the opportunity to export your data via various export possibilities at any time. In case of cancelling your contract, your data will be deleted.

Yes. Please contact us, if you are interested in our products. After the description of your needs and the amount of required licenses our sales team will make you an offer. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to customize the software to the needs of your company for an additional charge. Get in touch with us and we will make a personal offer for you.

You can phone  ☎ +49 6421 999 1800 or send us an email to ✉

Absolutely! Originally the products were a modular approach. You can mix up the packages (CRM, ERP Services, ERP Trade). Thus, employees of different departments can work with the different packages (e.g. marketing with CRM, accounting with ERP). The addons (contract management, helpdesk) can be used separatly and complete our software packages very well.

Sure! We offer free webinars to present and explain our products. Individual online introduction for single persons and groups are possible for an additional charge. Please contact us via mail (

weclapp, of course ;-)! You can write an email to or phone in the trial period at +49 6421 999 1800 and describe your requirements and wishes. Our product advisor will help you.

It is very simple! Select in the software “Customer center” and “Manage licenses” and book the amount of required licenses to the required duration. The billing option comply with the duration of the licenses. Monthly booked licenses can be debited with the period of notice of one month. Annual and biennial booked licenses can only debited at the end of the contract period.