weclapp makes team work.

Teams are the basic building blocks for success in business. Therefore, weclapp is
completely focused on the needs of teams and offers an intelligent solution
for a variety of different areas, making teamwork easier and fun!

In addition, the individual modules are cleverly linked
with each other, which facilitates the overall
communication between teams as well.

Adapted to the requirements of your team

Management-Team weclapp


Increase the profitability of your company and grow successfully with weclapp.

Finance- and Accounting-Team weclapp

Finance & Accounting

All important accounting tasks can be done easily and intuitively with weclapp.

Marketing-Team weclapp


Do successful marketing with campaigns, email marketing and meaningful analyses.

Sales team weclapp


Convert your contacts easily to customers and win them over for the long-term with the weclapp CRM.

customer service-team weclapp


Offer your customers professional customer service thanks to effective ticket management.

Project Management-teams weclapp

Project management

Always keep an eye on tasks, deadlines and resources for joint project success.

warehouse and logistics

Warehouse & Logistics

Optimize your ordering process and manage your inventory intelligently with weclapp.

IT-Team weclapp


With weclapp, you organize administrative tasks more efficiently and can customize the system individually.