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One software to manage your entire company.










Satisfied customers are everything!

Each employee has access to the same customer data as the service, sales and marketing departments. With this information, you can always offer your customers a perfect service.


Simpler than conventional project management.

Our project management focuses on simple task and document management. In addition to classic project management functions weclapp provides extensive collaboration capabilities .

project management

Quotes and orders with your letterhead.

Create compelling deals in no time. Just a few clicks are enough, because the essential information is adopted automatically from your customer and product data


No more Word, Excel or complex accounting software.

You create professional invoices and credit notes in a short time at the push of a button. Use our recurring bills feature and save time and effort .


The perfect inventory management!

Manage your stored items and products professionally with our integrated enterprise resource planning system. Your items' movements remain accurate and documented.


Support for your procurement processes.

Goods receipt slips are generated automatically from purchase orders and the barcode-supported acquisition of article simplifies and accelerates your product management.


Shelves are always filled.

Manage any number of storage areas and warehouses. With our software your Storage is permanently monitored and users are warned about low stocks.


Accounting can be fun!

Oversee all relevant financial data at a glance. With weclapp you’ll find accounting (incl. controlling, dunning, cash management and more) no trouble.


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5 good reasons to love weclapp

ReasonsClassic ERPweclapp


Data security is very important to us. We therefore never store data abroad or on foreign servers. At weclapp, we exclusively store data in our own certified data center in Berlin.

User friendliness

Many traditional ERP systems are frustrating and complicated in their application. weclapp, on the other hand, provides an attractive user interface and can be used intuitively. weclapp makes ERP easy!

All-in-one Solution

No more expensive and complicated interfaces between various independent solutions! With weclapp you will receive an integrated, all-in-one solution that includes all important business applications from a single source.

Price model

Great sums of money for software licenses, high implementation costs, additional fees for updates, maintenance, etc.? Nonsense! With weclapp you can get going right away – starting at as low as 12€ per month.


We consider our customers to be long-term partners. Our Customer Happiness Team is always at your disposal! Whether you need assistance with implementation, data imports, or forms – you can count on our support via live chat, e-mail, or phone.

An efficient ERP solution for many sectors.


Affordable business software for company founders, start-ups and freelancers

Service Companies

A perfect combination of customer management, billing and helpdesk with timesheets.

Trading Companies

The solution for merchants containing storage, purchasing, sales, product and order management.

Clients & Partners

So many people love weclapp

„weclapp provides the perfect solution for us. Our colleagues find the design and the overall structure of the software to be very straightforward, easy-to-navigate, and intuitive.“

Andreas Haße

Global Distribution

„As CEO, I have to keep a constant eye on my team, customers, revenues, and inventory. The CRM and ERP system by weclapp is invaluable to me in this endeavor. Thank you for this highly successful system and your top customer support!“

Erkan Öztürk

Wiosun Mesan A.Ş

„In weclapp GmbH, I have found a competent partner who is always by my side to answer any questions regarding the implementation of the new weclapp solution!“

Manfred Gerber

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