Cloud Computing – More freedom. More opportunities. Less costs.

What is the cloud?

You no longer have to buy and operate your own hardware and software. You can also lease IT. Most providers of such IT services are geographically remote, so the data and applications are no longer on your company’s local computers, but rather in the cloud. That does not mean that your data are wandering around unsecured where everybody has access to them. It only means that your data are no longer stored directly at your premises, but rather far away from your company’s headquarters. Naturally, you can access your data at any time. And you are the only one who can access your data. Of course, when choosing your “cloud provider”, you should take care to ensure that all relevant security provisions have been met. Incidentally, Germany has the world’s strictest security  regulations; as a result, many companies choose a cloud “Made in Germany“.


What is Software as a Service?

It sounds complicated, but it’s not. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a subset of cloud computing and refers to application software programs which are not themselves bought and operated, but rather are used via the Internet. The data are stored on the servers of the SaaS provider. All you need to use this web-based software is Internet access and an Internet connection to an external IT service provider. Access is provided through a web browser. As a rule, payment for web-based software is independent of how often you use it – normally one pays a fee per user per month.

The SaaS provider not only provides the software, but also all IT administrative and other IT services such as maintenance and updates.


Advantages of SaaS

  • SaaS enables you to access your company data from mobile devices.
  • No additional hardware is needed to use SaaS. Therefore, there are no investment costs.
  • Total operating costs are significantly lower. McKinsey: savings total around 30%.
  • SaaS is often of higher quality than standard software, while the costs are lower.
  • The web-based software can be used immediately – in contrast to customized software, which has to be installed on your own computers. Even automatic installation of updates saves time and money.
  • SaaS solutions are upgraded continually.
  • Smaller companies, in particular, can take advantage of the IT quality, experience and know-how of big companies and can offer these to their customers.
  • Monthly payments offer greater cost transparency and reduce risks.
  • Entrepreneurs can concentrate on their core business and do not have to worry about IT administration.


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