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Commercial company management

Cloud ERP Software for trade

The cloud ERP software for retailers and producers

Save 200 working hours annually!

Manage processes efficiently

Manage your customers, offers, orders and invoices, as well as items, purchasing, warehousing and online shops.

Special features

Create customized forms via a form designer and benefit from various trading and dialogue languages, foreign currency support, batch and serial number management, quantity conversions, user-specific fields, and much more.

Keeping the numbers under control

The Cloud ERP software enables you to connect with different financial accounting systems via standard, integrated interfaces for purchasing and sales.

Mobile control over important processes

Access important functions such as the 360-degree customer file anytime and from anywhere and always keep an eye on sales, inventory and other relevant key figures.

Control purchasing, sales and warehouse processes in an all-in-one software package

cloud erp overview
process graphic
cloud erp trade
cloud erp trade
Order processing
Automate your order processing! weclapp supports the entire workflow: from processing requests to creating an offer, processing orders to production—even compiling orders, creating delivery slips, shipping and finally invoicing. You can map different types of business processes, such as advance orders from the warehouse, service orders, project orders, drop shipments or cash sales. Settlement of orders may be processed as a cash invoice, credit note, instalment payment or advance payment invoice.
Disposition and purchasing
The purchasing functions facilitate procurement automation (disposition), ensuring delivery dates, simplifying the procurement process and reducing the processing effort, all while increasing transparency. The online ERP system uses demand or consumption-based disposition to create order and production offers. Vendor selection for the purchase orders is made by activating and prioritizing sources of supply in the item list.
Warehouse management
Warehousing is responsible for storing and managing inventory in terms of value and quantities, as well as all material movements. Warehouse management can be organized for any number of warehouses and storage areas. Inventory management can be illustrated in summary or in detail. Advantages for you: Overview of inventory levels, tracking and transparency of material movements, availability of information on short-term income statements as well as reduction of processing expenditures.
Product and item management
You can enter detailed item and price information, surcharges and discounts at different levels: individual customer discounts and graduated pricing, prices according to distribution channels and for individual product groups, promotional prices and much more. Quantity conversions saved to the item can be selected in the corresponding workflows. For example, when creating offers, the correct sales price is automatically calculated by weclapp.
Return management
And the system handles returns easily and efficiently. The Cloud ERP software supports the entire process: from preparing returns, through arranging credit notes or compensation delivery, to determining the cause of the problem. This saves you time, prevents errors and collects valuable information for improving your products and business processes.
Cash register software weclappPOS
For as little as €19 per month/user, you can also use our fully integrated cash register software weclappPOS - clear & easy to use! The software is ready to use without installation and available on all web-enabled devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone). Using it in the cloud simplifies data maintenance: thanks to automatic synchronisation, all information on articles, warehouses, stocks, etc. is always up-to-date.
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Interfaces for important expansions

Connecting to shop and marketplace

weclapp merchandise management offers bi-directional interfaces to popular online shopping systems (Shopware, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.) and popular marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Kaufland etc.). These interfaces enable automatic synchronization of offers, items, orders, invoices, deliveries and much more between the shop, marketplace and merchandise management system.

weclapp ecommerce add ons

Connecting to shipping provider

The software can generate packing slips and shipping labels via interfaces to shipping service providers. This allows you to create and bill shipment labels from a single source and, at the same time, keep your data up-to-date in the merchandise management system. In this way, Cloud ERP system customers in the e-commerce sector can automate this process almost 100% via a full data synchronization.

Additional features


Easily create offers, invoices, orders and all other important documentation.


Easily manage open items and finances with weclapp financial accounting.


Contact management for marketing, sales and support boosts customer satisfaction.


Email, calendar, task and document management.


Bills of materials and work plans help to ensure efficient production sequences.

Open Rest-API

Open interface allows read and write access.

Picking and packing

Order picking made easy with weclapp—efficient retrieval of all needed items.

Arrival confirmation

Creating entry confirmations for other European countries is straightforward.


With weclapp, you can easily generate a report on European movement of goods.


With weclapp, inventory becomes child's play. Let us guide you comfortably through the workflow.


With the optional helpdesk add-on, you can conveniently manage all incoming tickets.


The authorization concept makes it possible to configure access rights in even greater detail.

+500 additional features

Test weclapp now for free and get to know the helpful functions for trading!

Additional functions

  • Full-text search and filter function
  • Process history
  • Data import/export wizard (xls, xlsx, csv, vcard – only as import)
  • Document management in all applications
  • Minutes, reviews, key figures and reporting
  • Key figure cockpits for revenue, purchasing, inventory and more
  • Personalized start widgets
  • Customer and industry-specific fields
  • Flexible form designer for all documents
  • Data fields that can be individually configured and adapted
  • Bookmarks and history features
  • Customizable views
  • Role-based authorization concepts
  • Multiple language capability for trading and dialogue languages
  • Integration with all weclapp apps as well as other applications (e.g. MailChimp, Magento)
  • Text modules
  • weclapp API (connect your own applications)
  • Foreign currency
    • Services and warehouse items
    • Alternative and optional items
    • Free text fields
    • Offer templates and copies
    • Margin displays
    • Send-out via email
    • Layout can be adapted with form designer
    • PDF preview
    • Multi-tiered header and item discount
    • Print versioning
    • Scalable
    • Multi-lingual texts
    • Foreign currency
    • Availability display
    • Date calculation
    • Flexible pricing system: graduated pricing scale, prices specific to sales channel
  • Printing of delivery slip
  • Shipping e-ticket
  • Picking with picking lists
  • Cash on delivery
  • Drop shipment
  • Interfaces to shipping service providers DHL, GLS, DPD, Hermes and UPS
  • Simple and complex warehouse structure
  • Billing and proforma invoices
  • Deposit invoicing and final billing
  • Multi-tiered partial payments
  • Recurring invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Cash invoices
  • Credit note
  • Automatic send-out via email
  • Outstanding item management with DATEV export (optional)
  • Generic interface to external financial accounting systems
  • Payment record
  • Revenue reports in the sales cockpit
  • Chart of sample accounts
  • Import/export of accounting entries
  • Supplier management
  • Purchased items and product groups
  • Demand and consumption-based planning and procurement with automatic supplier selection
  • Order processing
  • Incoming invoice control
  • Documentation (order, goods receipt slips, supplier outstanding item management)
  • Detailed storage bin structure with storage bin types
  • Storage bin sizes linked to loading equipment
  • Incoming goods to fixed storage areas or support of dynamic storage
  • Stocktaking and inventory levels
  • Inventory management for warehouses and storage zones and areas
  • Storage area management
  • Dropshipping
  • Barcode scanning
  • Inventory bookings (incoming, outgoing, transfer)
  • Warehouse quantities in alternative units
  • Balance of movement of goods in a warehouse (change based on value and quantity)
  • Picking and packing
  • Specify and track loading equipment (pallets, Eurocontainers) for warehouse movements
  • EAN barcode labels directly from the system
  • Fast stocking and removal of stock
  • Serial numbers and batch numbers
  • Supplier item numbers
  • Returns
  • Sales items and product groups
  • Inventory management
  • Flexible pricing system: graduated pricing scale, prices specific to sales channel
  • Bills of materials
  • Prices and conditions
  • Currencies
  • Item discounts and price groups
  • Graduated discount scale
  • Product costing analysis
  • Resources (materials, personnel)
  • Cost centres
  • Bill of materials (BOM) management (modular BOM, multi-level BOM, quantity BOM)
  • Work plans on the basis of resources (work stations, personnel, cost centres)
  • Production order management with production BOM and production work plan
  • Backward and forward scheduling
  • Material requirements planning (also see purchasing)
  • Material usage notice
  • Feedback on work times
  • Documentation (for example, production order, material removal, paycheck)
  • Calculation
  • Contact management
  • Leads management
  • Customer management
  • Sales opportunities
  • Web2Lead
  • Campaign management
  • Sales regions
  • Customer classification
  • Competition management
  • Log events (emails, meetings, etc.)
  • Geographic location of customers
  • Regional management
  • Sales pipeline
  • Webmail client
  • Personal signatures
  • Account sharing
  • Online calendar
  • Calendar sharing
  • Task and appointment management
  • Assign and share tasks
  • Audit-proof document archiving
  • Personalized task lists
  • Personal address book
  • Document management including version control
  • Team chat
  • Activity stream
  • Synching with Office/Outlook
  • Mail synchronization (Exchange, Google)
  • File manager
  • Free software updates, hotfixes, service packages
  • Tutorial videos
  • Support portal with knowledge database (FAQ)
  • Live Chat
  • Basic email support
  • Integrated helpful hints
  • Trained product consultant
  • Free webinars on a regular basis

Good reasons to choose weclapp

Central database

Central data retention enables the entire team to have access to data from all departments in real-time. This improves the collaboration between different departments and locations.

Save time and money

Using weclapp results in significant cost savings. Additionally, eliminating many individual solutions saves time and increases transparency in your company.

Grow together

Operating in the cloud eliminates implementation and maintenance costs and updates are free. The modular design allows you to start risk-free and scale at any time.

Data security

The security of your data is very important to us. weclapp is a German company certified according to ISO 27001. Your data is stored in an audited FFM computer centre.

Mobile ERP for trade

360° customer file

With mobile customer files, you can provide the best service at any time.

Practical revenue overview

With the weclapp dashboard, you can keep track of all sales.

oder processing dashboard

Overview of inventory

Access your current inventory at any time and from anywhere.

Picking and packing made easy

weclapp supports you in quickly removing all necessary products.

Mobile ERP for trade

oder processing dashboard

360° customer file

With mobile customer files, you can provide the best service at any time.

revenue overview

With the weclapp dashboard, you can keep track of all sales.

Overview of inventory

Access your current inventory at any time and from anywhere.

Picking and packing made easy

weclapp supports you in quickly removing all necessary products.

Our satisfied customers say


This is how every cloud ERP software should work and look!
weclapp meets our requirements 100%, it is affordable and a pure cloud solution. I can unreservedly recommend weclapp’s cloud ERP software. The price-performance is right and the help always came promptly when needed. 


We have never used software that implements improvements so quickly and regularly and always has new ideas to make the processes even more sophisticated. Here, at every turn, you get the feeling that someone has put some thought into it!


I have much better control over the processes with the weclapp solution, the work is made much easier.


more customers through optimised offer management*


cost savings through optimised processes*

*Figures based on customer feedback


more request processing*

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