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Professional software for your warehouse and logistics team

Automated order taking, packing, shipping, and returns! Manage all warehouse and logistics processes in an all-in-one software and always maintain an overview.

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The ERP for optimized and automated warehouse and logistics processes

Whether purchasing, warehouse or logistics, the close monitoring of orders, stock levels, and delivery dates is essential. The all-in-one software enables you to automate procurement processes from inquiry to planning and the subsequent storage of goods, including invoice auditing. In this way, you always have an overview of all important processes and thus ensure more transparency and efficient order processing.

Successful in warehouse and logistics with weclapp

Digitalize and automate your business processes with the intelligent cloud ERP system including warehouse and logistics software from weclapp.

Increase in productivity

weclapp not only allows you to specify several storage locations, but also relocate the goods from a source to a destination warehouse, where the goods are needed. This significantly reduces the administrative workload and your warehouse and logistics team can concentrate on their daily business operations. Likewise, paperless order picking increases productivity and thus growth in your company!

Save time and money

Your goods and products are always available at the right place and the right time with multi-storage capability. Our software automatically suggests stock transfers, ensuring optimal stock levels and smooth processes that result in time and cost savings. At the same time, it ensures excellent availability of the relevant items for the customer. Optimum warehouse utilization allows you to save additional personnel and minimize the susceptibility to errors.

Optimum stock levels and reliability

With weclapp, you can define a minimum and target stock level for each storage location and each item. weclapp will warn you if levels are too high or too low, which results in a reduction of shortages and overbuying. The interfaces to various online shops and marketplaces provide inventory comparisons in your sales channels so that your customers are also informed about current delivery times and available items.

Transparent overview

With weclapp, you know where which item is located and which goods are on their way into or out of your warehouse, independent of time, place and the device you are using. You can define a minimum and target stock level for each storage location and each item. Recording incoming and outgoing goods is extremely easy with weclapp because scanning the barcode will record the delivery directly into the system.

Further reasons to choose weclapp

360-degree overview

With weclapp, you will always have an overview of all suppliers, customers, delivery dates and deadlines.

Efficient inventory

weclapp enables you to carry out inventory counts over several days, so that your business can continue without any restrictions.

Real-time access

Cloud-based application allows you to access all enterprise data at any time, regardless of time, location or device.

Return management

weclapp processes returns and claims automatically and documents reasons for returns for full traceability.

Shorter processing times

weclapp provides paperless order picking and efficient retrieval of all required items, thus speeding up the internal processes.

Transport administration

In addition to the internal processes, weclapp also maps the loading and delivery of goods and thus ensures transparent transport.

Shipping interfaces

The interfaces to different marketplaces and online shops enable inventory comparisons and thus ensure transparency for your customers.

Increase in stock level

With dynamic warehousing, you can make full use of free storage capacities because new goods are automatically allocated to available areas.

Transparent stock movements

weclapp maps consignment transactions, whereby the stock movement list shows which customer retrievals and stocking have taken place in a consignment warehouse.

Numerous enthusiastic companies


We use almost every weclapp module. For example, for the control of campaigns, item maintenance, sales, purchasing, warehouse management and production.


The entire solution is logically structured. The colour design guides users through all processes in an appealing way.


With weclapp we always know our stock and have all the figures in view. It wouldn’t work any other way.

The all-round carefree package for dealers and manufacturers

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