Satisfied companies from all economic sectors

“With weclapp´s Cloud ERP trade package, combined with the helpdesk function, we discovered a solution that unites ERP, ERM, and a modern ticket system to one software.”

Mike Habermeier, joshuasdreamMike Habermeier, General Manager

“Instead of a large-scale ERP solution, we were looking for a streamlined and user-friendly tool that would simplify the order processing and that already contains a CRM module. We are all very satisfied with the system.”

Regina Schleichert, CaranoRegina Schleichert, Office Manager

“Simple handling, the cost/benefit ratio was in line with our goals, and best of all: As it is cloud based, we had found a solution that enables our field force to be independent of time and place.”

Berit Rother, DermalogicaBerit Rother, Team Leader
Internal Sales

„We like that a solution can be modern and user-friendly at the same time. Moreover, we needed the software to be compatible with our Mac devices. That turned out to be no problem for weclapp. Operating in the cloud was the icing on the cake.”

Kerstin Mechler, küssdiebrautKerstin Mechler, General Manager and Designer

“In addition to the cost/benefit ratio, we found the user-friendly interface very convincing. Unlike other ERP solutions, weclapp is not only highly functional, but also visually appealing.”

Birgit Großschedl, MEA Marketing

Birgit Großschedl, Agency Manager and Team Leader
MEA Marketing

“Weclapp offered exactly what we needed. Neither too much nor too little – simply perfect!”


René Müller, MynetworxRené Müller, General Manager

“weclapp allows me to have much greater control over processes – not to mention that the software makes my job a lot easier.”

Felix Bonn, NoltaFelix Bonn, General Manager

“Who would have expected a solution that is made in Germany to be embraced by a Swiss company.”



Thomas Lutz, photografix.chThomas Lutz, General Manager

“The solution is self-explanatory and intuitive in its use. None of our ten users has had any difficulties so far. On the contrary,  everyone is completely satisfied.”

Marco Peters, SOLUTIONBARMarco Peters, General Manager

 “Customer support is very quick to respond – I am not treated that way by other software companies. As soon as an issue arises, I contact the weclapp team via phone or directly through the software. The bug is resolved in a matter of minutes.“

Urs Buchschacher, QuadcomUrs Buchschacher, General Manager

“All our users are completely satisfied with the solution and learned how to use it quickly. We don´t want to miss all these functions in our daily business anymore.”


Dunja Baltensweiler, swissclickDunja Baltensweiler, CTO and Project Leader

“Simply put – the solution just fits us. With weclapp, we have found an ERP system that is specifically designed for service providers and that is also ideal for growing companies such as ours.”

Titus Lindl, Wegvisor Titus Lindl, Founder

“Eventually, we were convinced by the simple usability of the ERP system, the stability of the software,  the great communication with weclapp and the comprehensive updates.”

Thomas Happe, General Manager

“Thanks to weclapp, all of our eight users have access to the relevant data, whether they are in the office, on the road, or at their home office.”


Markus Courtial, General Manager
iQ Company

“The weclapp software presents all project-relevant information at a glance. That is fantastic. I find weclapp to be a great product on account of its clarity.”

Jonathan Becker, Founder

“weclapp provides me with a much better overview of contracts, orders, and inventory – everything is running smoothly.”


Nicole Nocke, General Manager
Original Kavatza

“CRM, inventory management and purchasing – as all the different modules are perfectly integrated, managing our daily business has become much easier. The transparency of the system is simply great!”


Markus Klampfl, General Manager

“Eventually, I was convinced by the idea of one solution, combining ERP and CRM, so that everyone is working in the same system and with the same data set, also virtually.”

Thomas Assmann, Founder

“Processes are much better displayed now than before – the entire workflow has been improved overall.”



Andreas Mildenberger, General Manager

“weclapp simplifies our work processes, allows more time for customer maintenance, and provides all analytical data. I am extremely satisfied with customer support. Friendly, fast, and competent. I highly recommend signing up for the support package.”


Chris Jones, General Manager
peak studios

 “Customer service gets an A+ from us! Even during the testing phase we experienced superior customer support.”



Adriano Tagliarina, Founder

“We are so happy that weclapp offers a solution that is suitable for a company such as ours. We want to continue our collaboration for many more years.”



Christian Trautwein, General Manager

“We certainly made the right move in choosing weclapp. Just in the last six months there have been so many upgrades – it simply gets better all the time.”


Manuel Matthes, General Manager
Vetna Sport

“weclapp provides the solution that is just right for us. Our colleagues find the design and the overall structure of the software to be very straightforward, easy-to-navigate, and intuitive.“



Andreas Haße, Founder
Global Distribution

“weclapp helps me to keep an eye on my team, customers, revenues, and inventory. Thank you for this very successful system and the excellent support!“



Erkan Öztürk, General Manager
Wiosun Mesan A.Ş

“weclapp – our partner in contract management. THE centralized administration for contracts, documents, and deadlines. For everyone – and from everywhere. Also often used via the mobile app.”


Marcus Oberfeld, General Manager
logistics for you GmbH

“weclapp provides medium-sized organizations an integrated suite for numerous core processes.”



Dr. Carlo Velten, Founder
experton group