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Agency software that makes everyday agency life easier

weclapp offers efficient software to support the daily tasks of an agency – simple CRM, convenient time tracking and clear project management.

The most important functions at a glance

In over 12 years of experience, we have been able to advise and accompany over 1,000 agencies. Therefore, we know the current challenges of the industry very well. With weclapp, you rely on reliable agency software that supports you in your day-to-day business and saves you a lot of time with its numerous automated features. We accompany you in your digitisation process – from the first customer contact to project management and invoicing.

modern dashboard


You can offer better service to loyal or potential customers thanks to seamlessly archived correspondence and comprehensive customer files.

Team management

Create and manage internal or external team members (freelancers) with fixed hourly and daily rates for smooth cooperation.

Project management

With weclapp you can assign tasks, schedule times, track project progress and collect project-related documents.


Customise offer and invoice templates in individual design, send them and archive them fully automatically.

Time tracking

Stop working time on a project easily and comprehensibly online for fair and transparent invoicing.


Via the integrated team box, all participants can exchange information, share links and files and comment on project-related events.

Flexible complete solution for agencies

Up to 20% improved processes thanks to complete workflow
Up to 36% time saving in the course of the project
Up to 50% cost savings through more efficient organisation

Use weclapp for your agency too!

Advertising agency
Design agency
Event agency
Marketing agency
PR- Agentur
Consulting firm
Full-Service agency
Social-Media Agency
Produktion agency
Media agency
Publishing house
and many more!

20,000+ enthusiastic customers | 15 years of experience

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Intelligent CRM

In order to convince potential clients of your agency and maintain contact with loyal customers, professional information exchange must take place. With weclapp, you and your team can easily manage contact data.

Clear project management

A transparent way of working and clear communication is a must for successful project management. weclapp enables the controlled allocation of project-related jobs as well as the regular monitoring of project progress.

Convenient time tracking

Stop the working time on a project easily and comprehensibly online. This enables fair and transparent billing. weclapp supports you in organising your projects sensibly and ensures a balanced workload for your team members.

Team management

Smooth cooperation between internal and external team members is a prerequisite for a successful project. With weclapp you can easily create and manage the payrolls of the individual team members.


Professional offer and invoice templates serve as a basis to gain the trust of your clients and to convince them of the professionalism of your agency. With weclapp you can customise your templates for specific projects.


A prerequisite for a successful project is smooth communication within the team. With weclapp, you have all the necessary functions at your disposal. With the help of the integrated team box and the audit-proof real-time update, your team is always up to date.

More features

Activity Stream

Track activities and updated project tasks of team members on the dashboard.

Project controlling

With the transparently estimated time required and fixed hourly rates, you control your project costs.


Simultaneous use with colleagues to easily organise appointments, e.g. as a holiday calendar.

Address book

Easy online address management with MS Outlook and Google synchronisation.

Financial Accounting

Simply send all the necessary documents to your tax advisor with just one click.

Time & Material

Conveniently send material from the project and control everything together via a workflow.

Customer acquisition

Identify potential at an early stage and make the best possible use of opportunities with the help of qualification levels.


See everything at a glance - thanks to real-time updates and meaningful reports.

Mobile app

Record times flexibly and from anywhere, access important documents and much more with the weclapp app.


Easily combine weclapp with other tools and customise interfaces.


Open interface enables read and write access.

Resource utilisation

Accurately document workload and absences and effectively plan staff utilisation.

Performance record

Create a clear PDF of the services provided, including bookings, and present it to your customers.

Service contract

Create service orders from offers with a simple click.


The authorization concept makes it possible to configure access rights in even greater detail.

What our satisfied customers say


We simply write our quotations via the organiser and then send them out digitally to the customer. As soon as the customer sends back the order confirmation, the software automatically creates a project and assigns it to the customer record. So all the modules are connected and communicate with each other – that’s great!


I am most pleased about the transparent system. I can always see which project each team member worked on last. 


We are at home in the world of graphics and were therefore all the more pleased that there is an ERP solution that is visually appealing. The employees of weclapp just know that not every user is a programmer.

The all-round carefree package for your agency

Cloud CRM

  • ✔ Contact management
  • ✔ 360-degree customer file
  • ✔ Tasks calendar
  • ✔ Email automation
  • ✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
  • ✔ Opportunities and campaigns

ERP Services

Perfect Fit!

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