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Powerful software for large companies

Thanks to the cloud ERP software from weclapp, the parallel use and complicated integration of various isolated applications is no longer necessary. Handle your entire processes with just one software. The high level of automation and the intuitive workflows ensure that you save time and minimise errors. All teams can access the same application at the same time, regardless of their location. This allows all employees to fully focus on their important tasks.

new way with weclapp

The ERP for large companies!

You can control the entire company with just one solution, the weclapp all-in-one software. This web-based application allows you to access your data independent of time, place, and end device. weclapp is suitable for internationally operating companies because several currencies and tax rates can be easily set up. weclapp can be used worldwide and is available in different languages. The intelligent ERP system covers all needs of large companies and supports them with extensive processes and an intuitive workflow.

weclapp Cloud software: Benefits for large companies


You need only one software to control your entire company with the Cloud ERP from weclapp.


By adding further licenses, new locations can use weclapp immediately.


Several currencies can easily be stored in weclapp.


Automated workflows ensure that your tasks are handled smoothly.

Quick introduction

Forget long implementation times. Since it is being operated in the cloud, weclapp is ready for immediate use.


Several users can easily work simultaneously in weclapp’s Cloud ERP.


In weclapp different tax rates can be created for the respective countries.

Data protection

Your sensitive data is stored in our certified data center in Germany.

Intuitive use

Your employees can get started immediately without long training because of its user-friendly operation.


The weclapp Cloud ERP is suitable for the administration of subsidiaries.


weclapp can be used in several languages and is ideal for international companies.

Flexibly extendable

Easily connect online stores, marketplaces, payment and shipping service providers.

Intelligent software for large companies


Maintain a good overview of customers, prospects, and contacts with the weclapp CRM. You can plan campaigns and identify potential sales opportunities. Thus you will know the customers of tomorrow already today.

Merchandise management

Control the areas of purchasing and sales, production and inventory with the weclapp merchandise management system. Large companies benefit from the extensive automation and the performance of the module.

Order management

Submitting offers, checking orders, writing invoices—all such tasks have to be done as efficiently and error-free as possible. weclapp Order management makes it easy.

Project management

Efficient project planning and execution are extremely important for large companies. With weclapp project management software, the processing of projects becomes very easy.


With the weclapp helpdesk, customer enquiries can be processed efficiently. The integrated ticket system ensures that even experienced teams can process prospective and customer enquiries more efficiently.


With weclapp Accounting you can carry out accounting tasks, monitor open items, payments and dunning levels, send DATEV exports, and perform controlling tasks anytime and anywhere.


Combine on-premise & cloud solutions

The use of the group-wide EPR software is often not practical in local subsidiaries, small branches or startups belonging to the group because only a fraction of the functions are required, the processes are not mapped appropriately or regional flexibility is required.

The solution to this problem is a multi-tier ERP strategy. Two ERP solutions are used simultaneously. Local organizations use a cloud-based ERP, which is integrated into the ERP of the corporation.

multi tier layout

The ERP requirements of large companies and small organizations are very different. In many cases, the corporation’s application organizes centralized process and data management while ensuring process security, compliance and protection of intellectual property. Many large companies, therefore, use on-premise solutions. Small branches, on the other hand, need regional character sets, forms, tax rates, currencies, etc.

The multi-tier ERP strategy offers many advantages for the individual branches, but for the headquarters as well:

If the interaction of two ERP systems (at group level and at branch level) works perfectly, the functionalities can be split into a multi-tier ERP solution and reduce complexity.

Multi tier info

The weclapp CRM and ERP packages for large companies


  • ✔ Contact management
  • ✔ 360-degree customer file
  • ✔ Tasks calendar
  • ✔ Email automation
  • ✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
  • ✔ Opportunities and campaigns

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