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Web based ticketing system from weclapp

With the easy-to-use helpdesk software, you can process tickets much more efficiently and immediately increase the satisfaction of your customers!
helpdesk overview

Efficient support with the weclapp ticketing system

Process support requests quickly and competently
Impress your customers by processing their support requests quickly, directly and openly. The weclapp ticket system supports you in organizing and monitoring all process flows associated with ticket processing.

Overview of key functions

Manage requests easily

Your customers can easily make requests with web-to-ticket and email-to-ticket functions, and you can provide a targeted service.

Efficient ticket management

With its intuitive ticket management and easy ticket invoicing, weclapp’s ticket system is here to support you.

High performance service

You provide your customers with the best service via the customer portal and the FAQ section in the weclapp ticket system.

High performance service

Analyses help you to optimally adapt your support processes and thus improve your service.

Simple processing of inquiries


Your customers make requests using the online form, and out of these, the system automatically generates support tickets. This makes it easier to contact your customers, and you can offer targeted service..


Emails from stored sender addresses are directly created as tickets and automatically assigned to the correct processor(s). These ticket system allocations are extremely time-saving and make tedious, manual recording unnecessary.


You can use previously created tickets and solution templates for new, similar requests, which you can create and send in just a few clicks. All this saves you time and provides your customers with a quick solution.

Efficiently manage tickets

Ticket assignment

Automatic ticket allocation and complete ticket histories facilitate shorter response times and relieve your support team. Tickets can also be filtered, enabling you to quickly find records and ticket requests.

Ticket coordination

The weclapp ticket system coordinates service flows and provides support in all processing steps throughout the ticket’s life cycle. From receiving a request, through classification and prioritization, all the way to finding the solution—weclapp supports you all the way!

Ticket invoicing

Easily create invoices with the weclapp ticket system. Billable services are displayed for open items and can be forwarded to your tax advisor via DATEV export.

Provide excellent service

Customer portal

Your customers can see the complete process and status of their support requests in a protected area of the customer portal. This provides your customers with direct access to support.


Your customers can quickly and easily find answers to frequently asked questions in the knowledge database. This way you reduce incoming requests and provide convenient assistance.

Pooling function

Create expert groups for specific request categories. Incoming tickets are then automatically assigned to the responsible team.


Support analysis

Analyses provide information about the ticket volume per customer, processing efforts of employees or entire teams, and offer a comprehensive overview of support processes.

Measure times

With the time-keeping function for allocating, processing and completing tickets, you have the resource requirements of your support processes well under control.

Increase potential

Determining support key figures helps you identify problems, improve processes and thus optimize your customer service.

Further ticketing system features

Support structure

The weclapp support structure bundles tickets that have been recorded via the self service portal and other channels (chat, e-mail, and telephone) in the ticket system and automatically sorts them by urgency.

Service team

Assist the communication of your employees with the group and individual chat and strengthen your team structures with the functions of the weclapp ticket system.


Link the ticket system with the weclapp ERP module to connect support information with the data sources of customer and order management and other important business transactions.


Keep your customers up-to-date at all times: Status emails with regard to ticket receipt, processing, and resolution can be quickly created using suitable templates.

Status emails

The ticket initiator receives notifications about the receipt, status changes and successful closing of a ticket.


Take advantage of the speed of many automated processing steps and react reliably and according to your customer’s needs at any time.

What our satisfied customers say


The best thing about weclapp is the ability to provide 360-degree support with one software, from master record to ticket.


The ticketing system makes communication with customers particularly convenient and facilitates processing when dealing with requests.

Process tickets anywhere and anytime, even on the go on your smartphone.

Access your ticket system anytime and from anywhere! The collaborative function enables you to stay in contact with your team. Whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone, notebook or PC, the weclapp solution is optimized to function in all popular browsers.

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Online ticketing system for fast and professional customer service

weclapp Helpdesk

Online ticket system for fast and targeted processing of customer inquiries.

✔ Ticketmanagement
✔ Ticket invoicing
✔ Automation
✔ Ticket templates
✔ E-Mail-to-Ticket
✔ Self Service Portal
✔ Service-Level-Agreement

+ Optional CRM-Integration