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Web-based project management software

All activities, appointments and resources always under control with weclapp.

Project overview

Successfully implement projects

Do you routinely forget current projects? With weclapp, you have a constant overview.

The web-based project management software makes teamwork and task management tremendously easier. All project participants have access to relevant project data via the online project management software and are always up-to-date. Nothing stands in the way of your successful project planning and processing.

The most important features at a glance

Project workflow

Easily convert offers into projects and transfer completed working hours directly into invoices.

Task management

Constant overview of the tasks and responsibilities involved for smooth project management.

Time logging

Quickly and easily record working hours and, with one click, transfer them into invoices.


Optimize communication, coordinate appointments and tasks to design efficient team collaboration.

Conveniently control project workflows

Interdivisional workflows often exceed budget and schedule. weclapp coordinates your processes more transparently for all participants, helping you to prevent errors and to save valuable time and cash.


weclapp offer management allows you to create and send professional offers and invoices with just a few clicks.


Just as easily, the offer can be converted directly into order once the customer confirms it.


Project-related tasks can be easily created and integrated into the right project structure using drag and drop.


Recorded times in weclapp, down to the minute, can be directly transferred to an invoice and sent to the customer.


The optional Helpdesk add-on offers many after-sales support and customer service functions.

Professional task management

Have you ever worked on a project that has gotten out of hand because you didn’t have enough information about the current project progress or because the upcoming tasks were not sufficiently clear for the project team? Take a look at the weclapp task management system!

Visualization of projects

The online project management software helps to quickly prioritize tasks, subtasks and milestones so that important tasks are not overlooked.

Oversight of each project member

weclapp not only is an important tool for project managers but also helps each individual team member to have an overview of his or her current tasks and their priorities.

Documentation of project details

weclapp offers transparency about progress as well as further planning of projects anytime. The project management app supports you in completing the right things at the right time.


The authorization concept enables an even more granular configuration of access rights. Roles can be customized without following a predefined pattern.

Time logging, your time is money

With weclapp, all project team members can easily and accurately record their working and project hours. This not only creates transparency for correctly calculating costs but also helps to organize projects in a meaningful way. In turn, effective project coordination ensures a more balanced utilization of all team members.

Down to the minute

How much time was spent working on a project or on an associated subtask? With weclapp online time logging, you can precisely trace this.

In real time

weclapp helps you easily complete time logging. The project team can easily record working hours (using a stopwatch) in the system at any point.

Save time

Additional and residual expenses are accurately registered and invoiced. This saves money and helps you to plan and coordinate employee utilization more effectively.

Easy invoicing

When recording hours for a specific project task, you can enter the hourly wage of the employees or calculate a fixed fee for the work. Collective invoices can be created as well.

Collaboration because teamwork makes the dream work

Managing projects means working together as a team and communicating. However, teams are often remote, even across national borders and various time zones. Thanks to the collaboration function, the weclapp project management software enable you to significantly improve your team’s communication and collaboration, no matter how many projects you manage. All you need is internet access.

Optimize team communication

weclapp project management supports communication with your project team: Write messages, provide feedback, create calendar entries, and much more. Smooth collaboration speeds up your projects!

Share documents

Shared processing of data and documents is possible at any time without any problems. Everyone works with the current version and is always up-to-date. Access rights for folders and files ensure that important information only gets into the right hands.

Simplify coordination

You can generate a project status page from the project with one click and send it to your customers for easier collaboration. The project status page can be used to include comments, attach files via drag and drop and conveniently communicate progress!

Additional project management features

Resource Management

Distribute work evenly and track performance using the workload view.


Practical email functions with mail archiving to all major business transactions.

Address book

Simple and uncomplicated online address management with MS Outlook and Google synchronization.


You and other colleagues can use it simultaneously to organize dates simply e.g. vacation calendar.


Secure online storage for location-independent access on all devices.

Live activity stream

See real-time status information and project progression and always stay up to date.

Open Rest-API

Open interface allows read and write access.


View all bookings at a glance and effortlessly create invoices.


Define those responsible for tasks and determine executers.

Service recording and controlling

Document and evaluate planned, actual and remaining expenses and optimize resources.

Rights and role management

Add users, store contact data and assign access rights for functions.


Store regular tasks and recurring project types as a template and save time.

Performance record

Create a presentation of the provided services including bookings as a clear PDF.


Calculate the balance of working hours considering booking reports.

Time and material

Conveniently ship materials from projects without creating additional deliveries.

Project order

Easily create project orders from quotations.

Gantt Chart

Display dependencies and time progressions of activities graphically and easily adjust them.

What our satisfied customers say


We write our quotations with weclapp and then send them out digitally to the customer. As soon as the customer sends back the order confirmation, the software automatically creates a project and assigns it to the customer record. So all the modules are connected and communicate with each other – that’s great!


We can create projects directly from the orders with the weclapp software. This function makes our work a lot easier.


With weclapp’s project management, we can coordinate our internal and external projects. It makes it easier for us to structure and prioritise our daily work. The resource utilisation helps us to control our work more efficiently and to optimise project management.

Flexible project management – even on the go

Mobile time logging

Record working hours regardless of location and time.

Fast response times

Thanks to the mobile app, you can quickly complete tasks.

projectmanagement mobil

Always up to date

You can see all tasks and deadlines anytime in the mobile CRM.

Track project progress

Stay up to date on the progress of all projects.

Flexible project management – even on the go

projectmanagement mobil

Mobile time logging

Record working hours regardless of location and time.

Fast response times

Thanks to the mobile app, you can quickly complete tasks.

Always up to date

You can see all tasks and deadlines anytime in the mobile CRM.

Track project progress

Stay up to date on the progress of all projects.

Project management software – included from the cloud ERP service package


  • ✔ Contact management
  • ✔ 360-degree customer file
  • ✔ Tasks calendar
  • ✔ Email automation
  • ✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
  • ✔ Opportunities and campaigns

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