team work.

weclapp is the only ERP-Platform for teams.
Whether CRM, Merchandise Management or Accounting:
weclapp enables teams to manage all their important company
processes in only one software.

weclapp makes team work

The Cloud-ERP-Software to run your whole business.

The old way. Complex and expensive.

The new way. Simple and inexpensive.


ERP System of the Year 2018/19 | 10 years experience

Satisfied customers are everything!

Satisfied customers are everything!

Each employee has access to the same, current customers as the service, sales and marketing departments. With this information, you can always offer your customers a perfect service.

Simpler as a classic project management.

Simpler as a classic project management.

Our project management is focused on simple task and document management. Apart from classic project management functions, weclapp offers wide collaboration opportunities.

Word, Excel or more complex accounting software belong to the past!

Word, Excel or more complex accounting software belong to the past!

You create professional invoices and credit notes in a short time at the touch of a button. Use our recurring invoices feature to save time and effort.

The perfect inventory management.

The perfect inventory management.

Manage your stored items and products professionally in an integrated Merchandise management system. In this case, all items movements stay exactly and reliably documented.

The support for your procurement processes.

The support for your procurement processes.

Goods receipt slips are created automatically from purchase orders. Barcode-supported recording of articles simplifies and accelerates the product management additionally.

The shelves are always filled.

The shelves are always filled.

Manage a random number of storage locations and warehouses. Through our software the warehouse is observed permanently and users get warned against low stocks.

Quotes and orders with your letterhead.

Quotes and orders with your letterhead.

Create convincing quotes in no time. You need only a few clicks, because the essential information is adopted automatically from your customer and article data (even if you create a preview).

Accounting can be fun!

Accounting can be fun!

You keep an eye on all relevant financial data. With weclapp accounting incl. controlling, dunning, cash management and more is easy to handle.

The weclapp CRM and ERP packages

Cloud CRM

The compact CRM solution (Contact and Customermanagement) for
growing companies

✔ Contact management
✔ 36o degree customer file
✔ Mail, calendar and documents
✔ Email automatization
✔ Telephone connection (CTI)
✔ Campaigns & selling chances

Cloud ERP Services

The all-round package for
service providers, agencies and consulting

✔ Quotes and orders
✔ Invoices
✔ Project management
✔ Time recording
✔ Recurring billing
✔ Form designer
✔ Accounting

+ All CRM features

Cloud ERP Trade

The all-round package for E-Commerce, retailers and wholesalers, production

✔ Merchandise management system
✔ Planning and purchasing
✔ Warehouse management
✔ Production
✔ Webshop interface & Amazon
✔ Serial- and batch numbers

+ All CRM & ERP services features
+ weclappPOS 39€ now for free!

weclapp – Fits also for your Team!

The cloud-based CRM & ERP Software covers all important business areas of different industries and combines them in a modern, user-friendly interface. Due to the simple scaling, the solution is suitable for growing start-ups as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Management Consultancy
IT Service
system houses

Integrations and Add-ons for weclapp

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Your team in good company

Referenzkunden weclapp

weclapp became our command center: enormous time saving and the disappearence of most sources of error made zirb. suddenly efficient and profitable. You can count on weclapp as a central company tool and long term success component.

Nico Stieldorf,
CEO zirb.


30 days free of costs. Automatic cancellation

Why our customers love weclapp

Up to 85% increase in productivity
Up to 34 % cost savings for IT costs
Up to 840h time saving in order management
Up to 50% better billing accuracy

Why you will love weclapp


Classic ERP


1 Intuitive user guidance

weclapp delights with a clear and modern user interface: intuitive & simple to use! Inline help and recommendations for action simplify working with the software.

2 All-in-one solution

weclapp supports all business units: CRM, merchandise management system, accounting & calculation program. The use of a single solution ensures time- & cost savings.

3 Optimized workflows

Automate fade-in of the next logical step in the workflow process and a lot of workflow automation keep employees away from routine tasks and minimize expense and mistakes.

4 Software Made in Germany

weclapp is a German company. All data are saved in Germany with strict German data protection regulations. The computer center in Frankfurt/Main has multiple certifications.

5 Risk-free start and simple scalability

There are no implementation- and maintenance costs, because weclapp is Cloud-based. Thanks to the modular structure you only pay for the modules you use.

Not convinced yet? You will find more reasons here.