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weclapp from the perspective of the management

Whether CEO, CFO, CIO or COO, with weclapp’s ERP software you can steer your entire company along the road to success and get a 360-degree view of all important company key figures.

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ERP for more efficiency and transparency in your company

As a member of the Management Board, you are familiar with the short, medium and long-term corporate goals. Every day, you make decisions that are geared precisely to these goals. It is important to keep an eye on all areas at all times, including the finances, order situation, and satisfaction of your customers. So that you can immediately recognize growth potential, you can access current information from all departments at any time with weclapp:

Successful growth with weclapp

Digitize and automate your business processes with the intelligent cloud ERP software from weclapp.

360-degree overview

As an all-in-one solution, weclapp combines CRM, inventory management, and accounting in one software. The data from all departments and locations is consolidated in real time in the form of transparent evaluations. The meaningful reports enable you to keep track of all important KPIs and make informed decisions.

Reduced costs

By using weclapp as an integrated all-in-one solution, the costly development of interfaces between different autonomous systems is a thing of the past. Moreover, operating in the cloud eliminates implementation and maintenance costs; regular updates are free.

Increased productivity

With the help of weclapp’s ERP software, the processes in your company can be automated and noticeably optimized. By eliminating the need for individual systems and multiple entries, your employees save a lot of time. At the same time, the susceptibility to errors is reduced. This makes it easy to increase productivity and sales.

Full flexibility

Thanks to the modular design for easy scaling, you can add further functions to weclapp at any time. In addition, other applications such as online shops, marketplaces, payment and shipping service providers can be easily connected to synchronize all data. Proprietary developments can also be integrated seamlessly.

Further reasons for weclapp

Quick introduction

Since it is a cloud solution, weclapp is immediately ready for use without a long implementation period. You won’t need your own IT infrastructure.

Intuitive usage

The clear and modern user interface guides your employees through all workflows. That makes work fun!

Always available

Whether in your home office or on the road at a customer’s office, you can always access the latest data regardless of time, place and device.

User management

You can add additional licenses, create new users as well as assign them specific roles and rights.

Resource planning

The Workload View helps you distribute work evenly among your employees and track performance.

Activity stream

Project progress and status information can be viewed in real time. That way, you are always up to date.


weclapp is continuously being further developed. The regular updates always include new features and improvements.


The authorization concept makes it possible to configure access rights in even greater detail.

Data security

All data is securely stored by weclapp in an ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany.

#1 Cloud ERP Platform

weclapp was named the winner in the ERP Platform category for the ERP system competition.

Enthusiastic customers from many industries


The month-end closing is now much quicker – and by eliminating manual typing, we have drastically reduced the error rate.


We have never used software that implements improvements so quickly and regularly and always has new ideas to make the processes even more sophisticated.


I have much better control over the processes with the weclapp solution, the work is made much easier.

The weclapp CRM and ERP packages – tailored to your exact requirements

Cloud CRM

  • ✔ Contact management
  • ✔ 360-degree customer file
  • ✔ Tasks calendar
  • ✔ Email automation
  • ✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
  • ✔ Opportunities and campaigns

ERP Services

Perfect Fit!

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