On-demand webinars

Our webinars are free of charge and always available on-demand. You can easily ask our product experts questions in a chat and become a weclapp professional in no time! It’s as easy as this to attend our webinars:

Step 1: Create a test account

Please register first for a free test account. Don’t worry, our test accounts are completely non-binding and cancelled automatically. It is a great way to get a first impression of weclapp easily and comfortably.

Step 2: View webinars

Cloud CRM

approximately 45 minutes

weclapp Cloud ERP

approximately 45 minutes

Cloud Trade ERP

approximately 45 minutes

Are individual webinars available as well?

Yes, individual webinars and on-site visits are available. If interested, please contact us by email at sales@weclapp.com or call us at +49 69 333 90 1800.

With the on-demand webinars, we were able to set up the weclapp ERP platform relatively independently. That means a lot, because we had never worked with an ERP system before.