Trust is good – Certifications are better!


These are our Certifications

You are a critical person? Good, when it comes to your data and its security you should be! weclapp is a Software as a Service solution with highest security standards. Our work complies with the strict German guidelines and the most relevant data protection laws. It is our duty to secure your data and to act according to legitimate and regulatory provisions. Two independent authorities of the IT and Cloud Security sector constantly check that our software adheres to the security related requirements.


Additionally, weclapp is approved through the ISO 27001-certification through TÜV Süd since many years. ISO 27001 is an international standard, which formulates requirements for information-security management-systems and is applied to evaluate data security. Our computer center is not only certified through ISO 27001, but through ISO 9001, PCI-DSS and SSAE16/ ISAE3402.


To increase the comparability of Cloud-Products and to demonstrate our benefits, we underwent voluntarily the Trust-in-Cloud certification. The certification criteria were among other data security, quality of provision and service orientation.



To emphasize our quality and safety standards, we joined the initiative Cloud Services Made in Germany. You can be sure, that your data will be saved in Germany and that weclapp complies with the German law.



The “Software Made in Germany”- label especially relates to software, which was developed in Germany. The label stands for the world-famous German quality, reliability and progressiveness. weclapp originates from Germany and offers its customers the best service.

Software hosted in Germany


The “Software Hosted in Germany”- label from the Federal Association IT-Mittelstand stands for highest safety during data storage. weclapp is a cloud-based software, which is developed and hosted in Germany. Therefore, it underlies the worlds strictest data security laws.



weclapp was awarded as ERP-System 2018. Our software could even convince through a neutral consideration and evaluation of its non-functional criteria. weclapp also fulfills soft criteria for example an appropriate range of functions.

Working pursuant to GoBD

GoBD stands for “the Principles for Duly Maintaining, Keeping and Storing Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access, as provided by the German tax authorities” and is valid since the 1st January 2015. This principle formulates guidelines, which are supposed to enable a uniform management of electronic media. The requirements are transparency, verifiability and integrity. Data security and immutability are also very important. It is essential to ensure that unauthorized persons have no access to data and are not able to change or delete data. This is not only in the interest of tax authorities, but also of companies.

No more worrying with weclapp! Our erp-system fulfils all of the requirements according to GoBD. You can work pursuant to the GoBD law while focusing on your entrepreneurial goals.

Working safely with weclapp

Security through SSL encryption
SSL is essential when it comes to data security. Therefore, we consider it as a basic prerequisite for the application of weclapp. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a network protocol, which enables a secure and encrypted exchange of data. The lock-icon and the https-protocol, which are displayed in the browser window, ensure a safe usage.

Security through daily Backups
You will know the importance of backups, if you are using a smartphone. In this case a backup helps you to secure your personal contacts or pictures on the Cloud. We are also performing backups! These are executed by our computer center in Frankfurt. In this manner we are actively counteract data loss. This means, that you can focus on your work with weclapp, without having to worry.

Security through Redundant Systems
weclapp applies redundant systems. We are aware that using erp-systems requires smooth processing. The application of redundant systems enables us to promise reliability in all cases.