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PPS system for manufacturers and producers

Production planning and efficient production control online in the cloud

The most important functions at a glance

Areas such as purchasing, scheduling, warehouse, sales and accounting are involved in production. All these areas must correspond smoothly with the production control in order to guarantee trouble-free processes in the company. The weclapp PPS system (production planning and control) is suitable for this.

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Disposition and purchasing

weclapp ensures optimised product availability thanks to automated disposition (consumption- or demand-driven) & overview of the goods flows of all channels.

Warehouse & Logistics

More efficient processes in the warehouse, lower storage costs and transparent inventory management with automatic stock reconciliation - weclapp offers all this in one software.

Production orders

Production costs and quantities can be monitored at any time thanks to automatic order creation. You save money and time and ensure satisfied customers.


All information centrally in one place: Orders, payment and customer data. Automatic email filing, event tracking, dynamic customer map, etc.


Whether it's invoice creation, open item management, automated dunning or DATEV export - with weclapp, accounting becomes child's play in a flash!


The high level of automation ensures smooth workflows in production: from order to dispatch to payments. Up-to-date data anytime, anywhere.

Flexible PPS system for your company

Up to 20% time saving thanks to intelligent workflows
Up to 25% increase in turnover through more efficient organisation
Up to 25% more customers through optimised offer management

You concentrate on success, weclapp does the rest!


Due to its flexibility, weclapp is suitable for small companies with simple items as well as for manufacturers with complex end products.


The Cloud ERP from weclapp contains all the functions you need to plan and smoothly run your production in just one software.

Data security

weclapp is a software "made in Germany" and your data is stored securely in German data centres under strict conditions and guidelines.

Easy set up

weclapp is web-based, by logging in via the browser, optimised product availability is possible from anywhere. Costs are reduced because installation and maintenance are included.


weclapp can be connected with many powerful tools. From shop systems to marketplaces and payment service providers, everything runs synchronously in one place.

Orderly processes in production with weclapp

Production orders

Orders are created manually or as part of automatic scheduling. You can also define target quantities and dates, carry out availability checks, provide relevant documents and keep track of withdrawal quantities, working hours and production quantities. With the help of a controlling function, you can also check the relationship between planned and actual costs.

Work plans

Summarise individual production steps in the form of work plans and optimise the planning of production capacities. Store (multilingual) descriptions of the work sequences, required resources (labour, machines) and time specifications (set-up and piece time). If desired, also assign documents such as work instructions or technical drawings.

Bills of materials

Your products usually consist of several components of varying complexity? With weclapp you can manage parts lists flexibly thanks to advantageous functions. Different variants of a product can be produced with only one bill of materials and for more complex products and assemblies, bills of materials can also be used recursively. Bills of materials can be exported as well as imported in weclapp.

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20,000+ enthusiastic users | 15 years of experience

Disposition & Purchasing

The disposition of weclapp automatically determines the material requirements. You can then convert order proposals from the disposition run into orders with just a few clicks. Using parameters such as safety stock, maximum stock and replenishment time, you ensure that the quantity optimised for you is always available in the warehouse. You can also assign sources of supply and corresponding purchasing conditions to each material.

Warehouse management

The production planning of weclapp allows you to create as many warehouses as you like and assign storage bins. Manage warehouses at different locations (e.g. main warehouse and external warehouse), different warehouse types within a location and organise yourself with fixed storage locations within a warehouse. Intra-store transfers are possible as well as reserving material - for example for a specific production order.

Product & Article management

Manage production items, raw materials or semi-finished products as well as auxiliary and operating materials easily with weclapp. With just a few clicks you can define the article type and, if desired, directly assign disposition parameters, purchasing data and sales conditions. In this way, you already generate important information flows during the production data acquisition, which are useful for production as well as for logistics control.


The management of contacts and customers becomes child's play in weclapp's CRM. All data is centrally collected in one place and can be accessed at any time. In everyday business, the organiser provides an overview of emails, calendar, tasks and document management.


With weclapp financial accounting, the management of all open items and finances is child's play. Thanks to the clear design, transparency is guaranteed in all areas - from bookings to the dunning system.

High level of automation

Whether it's articles (article variants), offers and orders, invoices or deliveries: weclapp collects every order at the click of a mouse and offers you all the follow-up processes you need for your success in e-commerce!

More features

EDI via Transus

The EDI interface enables the worldwide exchange of digital documents such as invoices or orders.


Numerous evaluation options provide clarity about best sellers, slow sellers, etc.!

Order picking

Automatic creation of picking slips for stock removals or packing.

Article management

Products and services can be created, managed and grouped within weclapp.

Resource planning

Smart support in planning capacities and availabilities to optimise value creation.

Multiple retrograde booking

Production orders can be flexibly booked & overbooked several times retrogradely.

What our satisfied customers say


The entire solution is logically structured. The colourful design guides users through all processes in an appealing way.


I have much better control over the processes with the weclapp solution, the work is made much easier.

The all-round carefree package for manufacturers & producers

Cloud CRM

  • ✔ Contact management
  • ✔ 360-degree customer file
  • ✔ Tasks calendar
  • ✔ Email automation
  • ✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
  • ✔ Opportunities and campaigns

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