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With the weclapp Cloud ERP system, you can control all essential business processes intuitively from within a single piece of software. This all-in-one software gives you all the modules & functions that you need to manage your business:

Cloud ERP from weclapp: More than just an inventory management system

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Customer care with intelligent CRM

Customers are at the centre of every business activity — their satisfaction is what determines a company’s failure or success. And that’s why the powerful weclapp CRM software allows you to manage not only customer data but also customer relationships.


No matter what type of contact person you are dealing with, weclapp allows you to categorize them as contacts, prospects, customers, and competitors.

Everything at a glance

All activities related to a specific customer can be viewed easily: conversations, emails, open quotations, sales opportunities, current orders and open & paid invoices.


Manage your marketing activities in the campaign area. Newsletters can even be sent out using external services, which can easily be integrated.

Timely procurement & material planning

weclapp gives you an overview of all delivery dates at any time — deadlines can easily be monitored to ensure that they are met. The procurement function includes all relevant data relating to purchasing, planning, monitoring of current deliveries, and goods receipts.


Orders can either be created manually or initiated by the automatic planning function.

Planning process

Weclapp generates order suggestions based on standard planning processes (demand/consumption based).


The preferred supplier for orders can already be predefined in the individual article settings — saving you valuable time.

Open deliveries & GR

You can monitor open deliveries as well as create goods received documents.

Transparent inventory management

To keep business operations in trading companies running smoothly, proper warehousing is essential. The warehouse management function gives you access to your entire stock value and allows you to track all material movements.

Storage locations & storage bins

No matter whether your storage structures are simple or complex — weclapp allows you to set up as many storage locations and storage bins as you need.


With weclapp, you can create quick assessments as well as carry out a physical inventory count. This lets you keep an overview of everything!


Orders can either be created manually or triggered by automatic scheduling.

Serial & batch numbers

Weclapp also allows you to manage serial and batch numbers.

Intuitive sales processing & billing

Seamless order management with data that is always up-to-date is essential for the smooth running of follow-up processes. weclapp documents and supports the entire process chain — from customer query to billing. It allows all necessary steps to be completed quickly & professionally, speeding up the internal processes.

Order types

You can choose between different standard order types, both with delivery (for trading companies) and without (for service providers). And it goes without saying that these can all be customized.

Follow-up processes

Based on your requirements, automatic follow-up processes are initiated (e.g. credit check, material planning, production planning or printout of shipping documents).

Flexible invoicing

weclapp allows you to create invoices with or without an order reference. Recurring invoices for contracts or subscriptions can be automatically generated at predefined intervals (e.g. monthly).

Form designer

The integrated form designer allows you to easily customize your invoices in weclapp to match your corporate design. Invoices can be printed or saved as a PDF.

Transparent production processes

weclapp also includes a module for businesses with in-house production. The available resources (e.g. people, machines, vehicles), bills of materials and cost centres are recorded, forming the basis of the module.

Bills of materials

Weclapp allows you to choose between various types of bills of materials. With just one bill of materials, you can produce products in different variations.

Task lists

Recurring work processes can be consolidated into detailed task lists, including scheduling. This allows standardized processing of manufacturing orders.


The current status and utilization of the production facilities can be viewed in weclapp at any time. The tabular overview lets you monitor and keep track of all manufacturing orders.

Marketplace, shop system, and shipping

For online businesses, duplicate data entry takes an immense amount of time and effort. That’s why weclapp has made it its goal to develop interfaces with common shop systems and popular marketplaces. This allows e-commerce processes to be almost entirely automated.

Data synchronization

Quotations, articles, orders, invoices, deliveries and other data can easily be synchronized between the ERP software and the shop system and marketplace.

Easy shipping

The data exchange with shipping partners allows, e.g., shipping labels to be created.

Payment processing

If automatic payment matching is turned on, payments can be automatically matched to the appropriate orders via the Amazon interface.

Return management

A return can be created for each order. The product is simply booked back into the inventory so that it is available again.

Flexible checkout software for point of sale

The cloud-based weclapp POS checkout software also lets you serve your customers in your physical store. Thanks to the comprehensive integration with the ERP software, all articles can be managed in the weclapp inventory management system and billed via weclappPOS.

Branch & user management

Depict as many branches as needed and assign stockrooms & checkouts. This lets you maintain an overview of your branch network. You can assign roles & permissions to each employee/user.

Data synchronization & transparency

When a sale is completed, the data is entered directly into weclapp as a store order and the inventory is reduced. This ensures that all transactions are immediately visible and always transparent.

Variety of checkout functions

Scan barcodes, search your article database, apply discounts (in % or as a monetary value), print individual receipts — with weclappPOS, you can easily do all this and much more.

Full control of checkouts & accounts

To ensure that really all business units are covered, weclapp includes a comprehensive accounting module that allows all accounting tasks to be completed quickly and easily. As with all other modules within the weclapp solution, the accounting functions are seamlessly integrated into the software and can access data from other modules.

Comprehensive management features

Functions such as management of master data and an unlimited number of checkouts are rounded out by comprehensive dunning processes and the ability to manage open items.

Classic accounting functions

Classic functions such as payment posting and incoming & outgoing invoices are also integrated into the accounting software, as are automated payment runs to suppliers.

Practical reporting functions

Comprehensive reporting functions make your accounting tasks even easier. Thanks to the clearly organized finance dashboard, you will always have a clear overview of your finances.

Keep track of all project targets with the weclapp Cloud ERP Solution

Projects need to be planned, managed, and monitored. The goal is to complete them within the required timeframe and budget. The weclapp project management software provides all the tools you need to make that happen — in a single product. No matter whether they are simple or highly complex, projects can be intuitively managed. Controlling is made significantly easier.

Project manager

The project manager has an overview of all projects and their current status at all times. This makes it possible to take high-level action if, for example, conflicts are identified.

Deadlines & time tracking

Tasks can be assigned to responsible parties and given deadlines.weclapp also makes it easy to track time for individual projects.

Shared access

Project members can access current information at any time, no matter which hardware they are using. There is no longer any need to develop a shared IT infrastructure.

Superior support for happy customers

The weclapp helpdesk software allows targeted, efficient processing of support tickets. weclapp provides support for the entire workflow, from the initial inquiry to classification and assignment, on to the search for a solution and problem resolution. This allows you to offer your customers quick, professional service.

Efficient ticket management

The web-to-ticket and mail-to-ticket technology allow support tickets to be created automatically from inquiries received via online forms or emails. The ticket overview lets you keep track of all inquiries.

Customer portal & FAQ

weclapp allows you to create your own self-service portal with FAQs. This allows you to quickly provide answers to your customers, reduce the number of tickets, and reduce the workload for your support team.

Analyses & reports

Where can your company save time and how can your customer service be further optimized? Analyzing important key metrics for support can help you to identify opportunities for optimization and take advantage of them.

Good reasons to choose the cloud-based ERP from weclapp

Easy to implement & scale

Because it is a cloud-based solution, weclapp is ready to use immediately. The well-organized user interface and intelligent workflows make it intuitive to use. The modular setup allows you to get started risk-free and scale the system at any time.

A central databank

All employees can access the most recent data and communicate with each other online via browser, tablet or smartphone — anywhere & anytime! The need to set up your own ERP infrastructure and hardware is completely eliminated.

Save time & money

Because it operates in the cloud, there are no implementation or maintenance costs; updates are free of charge. In addition, it eliminates the need for multiple stand-alone solutions, which saves times and provides more transparency in your business.

Automated processes

Automating & optimizing all important business processes will reduce your employees’ workload and make it possible to increase your company’s profitability. Take your business to the next level with the weclapp ERP system.

Data protection & security

weclapp is a German company and certified in accordance with ISO 27001 and is compliant with the GoBD principles, a German guideline for the management of electronic data. All data are stored exclusively in certified data centers in Germany in accordance with strict security regulations.

Cloud ERP from weclapp: a open platform for integration of your favorite tools

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Powerful interfaces

weclapp can be easily expanded to include a wide variety of additional applications via bidirectional interfaces.

This means you can easily connect weclapp with your favorite tools, no matter whether they are online shop systems, marketplaces, payment processors or shipping services.

The data is synchronized in its entirety, so all channels are up to date at all times.

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