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The mobile warehouse app from weclapp

Our mobile warehouse app offers you the most important functions that help you simplify your warehouse processes.

dashboard warehouse app

Effortless warehouse management with the weclapp warehouse app

Monitor all warehouse processes with just one app!

With the mobile warehouse app from weclapp, the most important warehouse processes can be controlled directly while on the move. For all steps of your warehouse management, the app guides you intuitively through the process and lets you monitor and control your warehouse on site.

Record manual stock movements


Book incoming goods

Returns management

Stock management

Warehouse management made easy

All warehouse-relevant functions can be quickly and easily recorded and viewed via the mobile warehouse app. In particular, scanning barcodes and printing labels becomes child’s play. The following highlights are available to you, among others:

Stock management

Your stock levels can be viewed and managed directly at any time.

Stock movements

The weclapp warehouse app makes the flow of goods transparent. Whether incoming goods or internal shipments, you have everything in view.

Returns management

With the mobile warehouse app, you can manage both your customer and supplier returns.

Intuitive & seamless order picking

With the help of the mobile warehouse app, you can easily simplify your order picking. Record your items directly with your mobile device. This gives you the option of scanning the picking location and quantities or reporting picking problems directly from the app.

Pick shipments

With the mobile warehouse app, you can easily carry out the picking of your deliveries.

Pick production orders

Manage and pick your production orders automatically.

Scan barcodes

Picking location and quantities are scanned directly via the app. Possible problems during picking are reported to you.

Advantages of the mobile warehouse app as a progressive web app

What is a PWA? A Progressive Web App combines the features of an app and a mobile website. It is a simple framework for browser-based applications.
The app can be opened directly in the browser. A download via the App Store is therefore not necessary!

Optimal user flow

In combination with the desktop version of weclapp, your work process is not interrupted when you switch to the warehouse app.


With our app, you can control your warehouse from anywhere and at any time.

Mobile First

The mobile warehouse app works without any problems within your browser on your mobile phone and can be accessed via URL.

Storage space

In contrast to native apps, a PWA hardly consumes any storage space.

Warehouse management has never been this easy

Cloud ERP Trade

Warehouse management

  • ✔ Different types of storage space
  • ✔ Storage space sizes
  • ✔ Loading aids for storage and transfer
  • ✔ Picking orders
  • ✔ Transport orders for stock transfers
  • ✔ Internal transport references

Warehouse App

  • ✔ Create and post goods receipts
  • ✔ Pick deliveries and production orders
  • ✔ Enter returns
  • ✔ Stock transfers and other stock movements
  • ✔ Manage articles and storage locations