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Project overview

The tool for the efficient handling of your projects

Short-, medium- and long-term, departmental and cross-departmental projects determine a company’s day-to-day business operations and progress. The requirements, milestones, and people involved vary from project to project. As a result, project managers and participants often find it difficult to maintain an overview and complete all tasks on time. However, even a large number of projects can be easily and intuitively coordinated with weclapp.

Efficient project management from A to Z

Efficient resource planning

Efficient resource planning and coordination is essential for successful teamwork and timely completion of all upcoming projects. The workload view in weclapp allows you, as a (sub)project manager, to distribute the tasks equally among all project participants. Performance is also transparent and trackable.

All tasks at a glance

You can quickly lose track of things with complex projects with various milestones and subtasks. To ensure that no to-do is forgotten, tasks can be easily prioritized and their progress clearly visualized. In this way, weclapp supports each team member in completing all assigned sub-tasks on schedule.

Improved teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work! Coordinated processes and effective communication are essential for successful cooperation between teams in separate locations. weclapp helps you to ensure smooth teamwork: Send messages or appointments to your colleagues and work simultaneously on shared files.

Transparent time tracking

For effective coordination of your projects and transparent project invoicing, you can easily track the time spent working on a subtask or project in real time. For this purpose, you can conveniently input the hourly wages of the team members or, alternatively, invoice the work according to a fixed price.

Further reasons for weclapp

Complete workflow

From offer preparation to order processing and invoicing, everything is included in one software.

Live activity stream

Project progress and status information can be viewed in real time. In this way, you remain up-to-date at all times.


Easily document and evaluate planned, actual and remaining expenses and optimize resources.


Save recurring project types and regular tasks as templates.


Archive business transaction emails with the convenient email feature.

Address book

Manage addresses easily online using MS Outlook and Google synchronization.

Coming soon

Kanban Visualization

Easily move tasks to the next processing status by drag & drop.

Gantt chart

Display time progression and dependencies of activities in a clear graphic.

Service contract

Generate service orders from offers simply by clicking.

Time & material

Conveniently ship materials from projects without creating additional deliveries.


Calculate the balance of working hours, taking booking reports into account.

Performance record

Generate a representation of the service rendered, including bookings, as a clear PDF.

Successful teams trust in weclapp

“The weclapp software provides an overview of all project-relevant information. That is great.”

Jonathan Becker
Jonathan Becker
Managing Director

“I am most pleased about the transparent system. I can always see which project the individual team members worked on last.”

Dunja Baltensweiler
Managing Director SWISSCLICK

“Who would have thought that a solution made in Germany would lead to Swiss love.”

thomas Lutz Referenz
Thomas Lutz
Project Manager Photographix