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Customer and contact management made easy

Good customer management is essential for successful customer relationships. weclapp enables Marketing, Sales and Customer Service to jointly manage every customer contact and all related documents. Customer relationship management software supports you throughout the entire sales pipeline.

Overview of the key advantages

Customer acquisition & retention

From initial contact to long-standing customer—cloud CRM software supports you in acquiring new customers and providing their service over the long term.

360-degree customer view

weclapp records all relevant details and digital correspondence with every single customer so your team can respond swiftly and flexibly to customer inquiries.

Increased revenue

weclapp gets your Sales team focused! Cloud CRM software helps your Sales staff conduct successful lead and prospect management.

Successful Customer Relationship Management: Converting Contacts into Customers


With weclapp CRM, you can create contacts with just a few clicks, paving the way to effective customer acquisition.


Use weclapp to create high-impact campaigns to reach prospective customers.


A range of assignable qualification statuses makes it easier to identify potential early on for optimally targeted exploitation!


weclapp ensures that you retain an overview when things are moving quickly, through automated assignment to Sales staff, for example.


Once the initial hurdle is cleared, weclapp makes it easier for you to retain customers over the long term by keeping customer files efficiently organized.

360-degree overview of all customer activities

Design custom dashboards

A complete overview: choose from 28 widgets to ensure that the most critical information appears on your start page. What new prospects have been identified? What is the current status of an offer? How high is the order volume?

Complete contact history

Benefit from 360° tracking of all touchpoints between the customer and your firm: weclapp records calls, e-mails, in-person appointments, info on offers, orders, projects, invoices and much more! All kept centralized at one location.

User-friendly event tracking

An Events view allows all authorized personnel to review a complete record of customer inquiries and response measures taken. This ensures that every team member is constantly up to date, enabling your customers to benefit from professional service at all times.

Smart email management

Directly integrate your inboxes into weclapp to avoid switching back and forth between different tools. Automated e-mail sorting directly references all e-mail correspondence to the respective customer.

Boost sales performance

Customer map

Which regions are lots of customers located in? Plan efficient travel routes for your field visits and concentrate your marketing activities on sales hotspots!

Sales regions

Intelligent organization by sales regions: every team member is able to track prospects in his or her specific region and all contacts can be filtered by location, affording better customer contact and a clearer overview!


Use weclapp to conveniently generate a contact form—the software can generate HTML code that you can directly embed in your website so all inquiries automatically flow into your CRM!


“Hot” marking to designate leads with the highest potential. A dashboard view of planned calls and any scheduled activities missed ensures no opportunities fall through the cracks!


weclapp rapidly delivers all important information in an appealing visualized form. Transparent BI reporting allows you to detect the process that led to closing the sale.


weclapp supports a range of Sales compensation models, including fixed, revenue-based and margin-based commissions so commission accounting can be completed in just a few clicks.

Integrate your favourite tools seamlessly

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Connect expansions directly

Integrate your favourite tools like Office 365 and Outlook into weclapp with ease to get an even better competitive edge. Weclapp offers a range of powerful integration options to optimize your customer management. Keep your prospects’ interest through appealing newsletter campaigns generated via providers like MailChimp and CleverReach. weclapp helps by assigning newly created contacts to specific distribution lists.

More CRM features


The easiest way to manage and distribute daily tasks anytime, from anywhere and on all devices.


Practical email functions with mail archiving for all major business transactions directly in weclapp.

Address book

Easy online address management with MS Outlook and Google synchronization.


You and other colleagues can use it simultaneously to organize dates: e.g., as a vacation calendar.


Thanks to in-app notifications and reminders, you can easily keep track of important dates.


With the optional Helpdesk add-on, you can conveniently manage all incoming tickets.


Secure online storage provides location-independent access to all documents from all devices.


Create offers, orders, reminders and credit notes easily with the Cloud ERP Services/Trade packages.

+ many more features

The words of our satisfied customers:


We have moved the entire customer management to weclapp. All customers, contacts, offers, orders and invoices are now united in one customer file each.


With weclapp as our business partner, we succeeded in creating an excellent basis for the quality of our master data and workflows for checking our data, for example through filter functions and corresponding templates for creating new suppliers or articles.

Mobile CRM – experience weclapp on any device

Access customer data any time, from anywhere! On tablet, smartphone, notebook or PC, the weclapp solution is optimized to function with all popular browsers. 

CRM on all devices

The compact CRM solution for growing companies!

ERP Services


  • ✔ Contact management
  • ✔ 360-degree customer file
  • ✔ Tasks calendar
  • ✔ Email automation
  • ✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
  • ✔ Opportunities and campaigns
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