merchandise management system

weclapp offers many performance features for retailers, wholesalers, online merchants, system houses and producing companies.

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Online merchandise management system for retailers and producers

High degree of automation and fast order processing

The merchandise management system from weclapp can be used immediately and is easy to operate. The intelligent workflows assist you in achieving structured and time-saving work steps. As an all-in-one solution, weclapp supports all important business processes in retail, wholesale, for e-commerce businesses, system houses and producers.

Optimized sales process
Partially automated purchasing
Transparent inventory management
Efficient production


Overview of key modules


Trouble-free sales from order processing to shipping and invoicing


No more bottlenecks! Easy processes thanks to automatization of disposition


Easy inventory management and continuous movement for structured warehousing


Smooth production processes thanks to bills of materials and many additional features

Boost sales performance

You can use the sales modules to map different kinds of business processes, such as advance orders from the warehouse (warehouse sales), advance orders with purchase orders, service orders, drop shipments, direct sales to the customer or cash sales. The following modules are available in sales:


Optimized offer processing for creating, tracking and converting professional offers in your own company design.


Processing partial or complete deliveries with data transmission to shipping service providers for parcel registration.


Easily create offer confirmation, delivery receipt, shipping e-ticket and all associated documents with one click.


Easily generate and send invoices and manage open items, including automated dunning processes.


Seamless return and credit processing for customer satisfaction and evaluation of the reasons for returns.


weclapp supports traditional as well as drop shipping.

Intelligent automation of purchasing

With weclapp’s procurement software, you have an overview of your delivery dates and can rely entirely on the software to monitor and secure deadlines. weclapp simplifies the procurement process (disposition) thanks to partial automation and reduces the processing effort for procurement while increasing transparency. The modules within procurement optimize the disposition and the purchasing of goods and services. The program supports:


Manage your suppliers with weclapp to efficiently control all processes such as orders or vendor invoices directly in one interface.


weclapp’s intuitive workflow automatically guides you through the entire ordering process to follow-up tasks such as goods and invoice receipts.


If you use invoices with order reference, all necessary information will be prefilled. weclapp guides you through the workflow, from auditing to payment.


weclapp supports demand/consumption-driven disposition and generates automatic order and production proposals to avoid bottlenecks.

Goods receipt

weclapp simplifies the goods receipt process by posting the shipment directly to inventory and automatically generating receipt documents.

Open item list (incoming)

Keep an eye on all incoming invoices and trigger payments with one click. You can then transfer all items directly to DATEV.

Warehouse management made easy

You can use warehouse management to manage your own or a consignment inventory. The module within weclapp’s merchandise management system provides you with all necessary functions that enable quantity and value management of items. Important functions of weclapp merchandise management software for managing inventory include:


Manage your inventory value and quantity in warehouses and storage areas for an exact overview.

Inventory valuation

With weclapp, you can evaluate your inventory according to DEK or transfer price, HGB and IFRS in preparing for accounting.

Inventory management

Serial and batch numbers make it possible to keep track of individual material items and can be safely assigned during claims/maintenance.


weclapp guides you through the inventory process (deadline/sampling/permanent inventory) and creates all necessary documents.

Inventory movements

weclapp makes inventory movements transparent. You have a constant overview⁠—whether you are receiving, shipping or transferring inventory.


Smart interfaces to Amazon, point-of-sale software and online shop compare inventories and keep all data in sync.

Plan and control production

The production module supports production-related business processes. Based on bills of materials, work plans and resources (workplaces/persons), you create the necessary production orders, production bills of materials and work plans. The program allows multi-level bills of materials and offers various bills of materials presentation forms (structure bills of materials, construction kits and quantity bills of materials) for evaluation. The following functions are supported:

Production order

Production orders for items simplify the manufacture of your products. Quantity, schedules and required parts are clearly displayed.

Bills of materials

Production bills of materials can be easily created and managed. Record the corresponding individual parts which serve as the basis for material disposition.


Automatic entry and closeout of goods simplifies production and ensures significant time savings and increased efficiency.

Picking and packing

Automatic picking in weclapp creates picking suggestions based on existing, unreserved inventory.

Retrograde bookings

When you book a final product in weclapp, all required parts can be easily closed out retroactively.

Scrap quantity

If you use more material than planned, you can book the additional consumption to the individual lines within the production order.

Many interfaces for a high level of automation

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Easily connect expansions

weclapp’s merchandise management can be easily expanded with additional tools. All data is synchronized via bi-directional interfaces to popular online shop systems, marketplaces, payment and shipping service providers. weclapp also has a fully integrated for stationary sales. This way, all channels are connected and up-to-date at all times!
If you still need another tool weclapp offers you an open interface that allows read and write access.

Mobile ERP for retailers and producers

360-degree customer file

With mobile customer files, you can always provide the best service.

Practical revenue overview

The weclapp dashboard allows you to keep track of all sales at all times.

Overview of inventory

Access your current inventory at any time and from anywhere.

Picking and packing made easy

weclapp supports you in swiftly retrieving all necessary products.


30 days free. Automatic cancellation

The all-round carefree package for retailers and producers

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CRM – customer and contact management
Tasks and project management incl. time recording
Offers, orders, invoices
Merchandise management system
Disposition and purchasing
Item and warehouse management
Shop interface (all connections incl.)
Serial and batch numbers

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Based on 210 working days per year, we save 840 working hours annually. Meaning: We can do more and at the same time grow efficiently.

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weclapp fulfils our requirements 100%. All cloud ERP software should look like this and function this way!

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Thanks to weclapp’s high flexibility, it was possible for us to automate and standardize our processes.

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