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helpdesk overview

Helpdesk software from the cloud

For quick and targeted processing of customer requests
Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Customer service and Helpdesk should therefore be perfectly organized. The ticket system in our Helpdesk software coordinates receipt, confirmation, classification and processing of service tickets. Access all customer data with one click. This enables you to keep track of everything and respond faster and better to customer requests.

Intuitive workflow


The request is received by email, phone or via your website. A receipt confirmation can be automatically sent.


Highest priority or medium priority? Determine which order the tickets should be processed in.


Questions, complaints, errors and problems are forwarded directly to the right service representative for timely processing.

Search for solutions

Keep your customers up to date with the comment feature while the request is being processed.


Inform your customers about the solution in a timely manner and ensure satisfied customers with fast response times.

Overview of key functions

Automatic mail-to-ticket

Efficiently process tickets

Analysis and reports

Invoice tickets

Customer portal with FAQs

Automatic mail-to-ticket

Incoming customer enquiries to defined e-mail addresses are automatically saved as tickets. In the ticket overview, you can also see the requests sent by e-mail.

Mail-to-ticket: from email to ticket

Incoming customer requests to defined e-mail address are automatically converted into tickets. The ticket overview enables you to view requests submitted by e-mail.

More time for improved service

Automated conversion of e-mails into tickets eliminates data entry. This saves your Helpdesk team valuable time and allows them to focus on answering customer requests.

Automatic notifications

The ticket initiator receives notification e-mails about ticket receipt and other events (new status, comments, suggested solutions and successful closing of the service case).

Complete communication history

Comments, suggested solutions and questions are recorded and clearly displayed. As a result, all team members are up to date and can quickly and easily help customers.

Efficiently process support tickets

Customers will be satisfied with the quality and responsiveness of the support they receive. A web-based Helpdesk solution allows you to optimally structure your ticket management and thus your customer service. The adapted and automatic action simplifies the workflow of your support staff. This increases efficiency and, at the same time, reduces your service costs per request.

Overview of ticket details

This allows you to process internal and external support questions quickly and flexibly, have an overview of all significant ticket details and access to complete ticket history.

Complete ticket history

You have the entire history of the customer request in one central location—covering the initial request, comments about the search for solutions and troubleshooting.

Filter and full text search function

The comprehensive filter and full-text search function enables you to easily and quickly call records and ticket requests.

Merge tickets

For a better overview and fewer duplicates, tickets can be easily merged with just a few clicks.

Analysis and reports

Overview of service process

Automatically measure times for assignment, processing and solution, or use the many predefined key figures to uncover potentials.

Measure key figures

Identifying key support metrics in weclapp allows you to derive process improvements and thus perfect your service.

Analysis and comparisons

Filter all tickets by agent/team/customer. Use standard reports and your own table views, or export data to Excel to create management templates.

Increase customer service

Process analytics help you optimize customer service. weclapp helps you identify areas where action is needed and where there are opportunities for time savings.

Increase customer service

Central functions

For example, the Helpdesk enables integration of CRM or invoicing. By linking weclapp order management, ticket invoicing can be done within the software.

Overview of all information

Each ticket contains details about SLAs, error status, start and end dates, time to solution and the name of the responsible member of staff. This way, smaller projects can also be mapped and billed.

Ticket quotas

Do you have specific service agreements with your customers? No problem, the powerful weclapp Helpdesk software lets you create ticket quotas!

Timely invoicing

Create invoices with a few clicks. Billable services are displayed in the open items and can be transferred to your tax advisor via DATEV export.

Own customer portal with FAQs

Set up an online portal for your customers, or create as many customer portals as you want for different companies. Create FAQs and provide your customer with a way to help themselves. This way, your customers can get quick answers and the number of service requests and the burden on your support team is reduced.

Do-it-yourself Support

A self-service portal with FAQs enables your customers to find quick solutions. This way, the customer can find answers to questions without first contacting you.

More options

The Helpdesk self-service portal makes it easy for customer to create tickets. Here, customers can send tickets, view their support requests and keep track of their progress.


All requests from the web portal are automatically converted into tickets in your Helpdesk. Processors can manage the service tickets there and respond quickly to customer requests.

What our satisfied customers say


The best thing about weclapp is the possibility of 360-degree support with a single software, from master record to ticket.


The ticketing system makes communication with customers particularly convenient and facilitates processing when dealing with enquiries.

Process tickets anywhere and anytime, even on the go on your smartphone.

Worldwide access in real time

Work with the weclapp app regardless of location and time.

Fast response times

Thanks to the complete ticket history, you can always offer the best service.

helpdesk all devices

Always up to date

The mobile helpdesk allows you to view and edit all tickets at any time.

Improved teamwork

Stay in touch with your team at all times thanks to the collaboration function.

Tickets überall und jederzeit bearbeiten, auch mobil auf deinem Smartphone.

helpdesk all devices

Weltweiter Zugriff in Echtzeit

Arbeite mit der weclapp-App, jederzeit und überall.

Kurze Reaktionszeiten

Dank der lückenlosen Tickethistorie kannst du immer den besten Service bieten.

Immer up-to-date

Im mobilen Helpdesk kannst du jederzeit alle Tickets einsehen und bearbeiten.

Verbesserte Teamarbeit

Bleibe dank Collaboration-Funktion jederzeit mit Ihrem Team im Austausch.

Online ticketing system for fast and professional customer service

weclapp helpdesk

  • Ticket management
  • Ticket billing
  • Automatization
  • Ticket templates
  • E-mail to ticket
  • Self-service portal
  • Service level agreement
  • Mobile Helpdesk app
  • + optional CRM integration