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The ERP for your food business!

weclapp is tailored exactly to the requirements of your food company

The most important functions at a glance

Small and medium-sized enterprises from the food industry have their very own needs. Especially in the areas of procurement, incoming goods with quality control and production, there are special process requirements. We at weclapp have extensive industry knowledge and help you to manage and optimise all these processes efficiently!

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The right quantity at the right time? weclapp ensures optimised stocks thanks to automated disposition. This means you will never run into delivery bottlenecks for your products!

Warehouse & Logistics

Whether you have a simple warehouse structure or a highly complex one - with weclapp you can map your case 1:1. Warehouse bookings for batch and serial numbers are recorded and displayed transparently.


For the uncomplicated production of your goods, weclapp offers you work plans and production planning. weclapp supports you from the raw ingredient to the finished product!


This is where all the information comes together: Orders, payment and customer data. Automatic email filing, event tracking, dynamic customer map, etc.


Do you sell your products via an online shop and marketplaces? Then connect all channels with weclapp - the data will then be synchronised automatically!


Easy invoice creation, management of open items, automated dunning, DATEV export - with weclapp your bookkeeping is done in a flash!

Successful start with weclapp!

20,000+ enthusiastic users | 15 years of experience

Quality assurance

weclapp enables the allocation of products to individual batches and thus helps with the monitoring of the best-before date and quality assurance.

Goods Receipt

Data acquisition in real time with quick feedback is important for speedy incoming goods. weclapp offers transparency about the movement of goods at all times.

Batch tracing

In the event of a crisis, you have to handle recalls smoothly - no problem with weclapp, because the software enables you to seamlessly trace batches!


Short travel times and efficient removal of the required products - with weclapp your order picking is uncomplicated, productive and fast!

A firm grip on your food business

Time savings of up to 840 hours thanks to automated processes
-840 h
Up to 50% cost savings through more efficient organisation
Process up to 50% more requests

Merchandise management

The intelligent complete workflow of weclapp guides you from the offer to invoicing and shipping. The order proposals generated by the weclapp disposition can easily be converted into orders. Goods/invoice receipt and payment are also supported.

Warehouse & Logistics

With weclapp you can prioritise the goods with the earliest expiry date when you take them out of the warehouse according to the FEFO procedure. The code numbers for inspection by the organic inspection body are noted on the delivery notes for organic products. Thanks to the connection of numerous well-known dispatch service providers to weclapp, the reliable dispatch of goods is guaranteed within the shortest possible time.


From the raw ingredient to the point of sale, weclapp offers you valuable support! The software contains interfaces to popular online shop systems (e.g. Shopware, Magento), marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, Kaufland, ebay), shipping tools (e.g. Shipcloud) and payment services (e.g. PayPal). weclapp also offers you integrated cash register software for stationary sales.


All relevant production steps are mapped in weclapp. The production processes can be easily controlled and managed. Production orders, parts lists and work plans are created quickly and conveniently. The automatic picking in weclapp creates picking proposals based on the existing, unreserved stock.


Thanks to weclapp, you no longer have to worry about financial accounting. The clear layout provides an overview and simplifies the execution of bookings. All open items and finances are easily managed.


Your customers and contacts in one place - you can find all information clearly in the 360 ​​° customer file. The organizer supports you in everyday business with the management of emails, calendar entries, tasks and documents.

More features

POS / cash register system

weclappPOS is the modern, web-based solution for your point of sale, seamlessly integrated!


Bestsellers, slow-moving goods, etc. can be easily identified thanks to a wide variety of evaluation options.


Picking slips for stock removals or packaging can be generated automatically.


With the help of returns management, it is child's play to create returns and always keep an overview.


PayPal, Klarna, Amazon Pay, etc. - weclapp processes all payment services in all channels!


Which products are doing best and which channel is generating the highest sales? All information clearly visualized!


The EDI interface enables the worldwide exchange of digital documents such as invoices or orders.

Status transfer

The dispatch of the goods is automatically transmitted to the online marketplaces so that you as a retailer are not threatened with downgrading.

Order quantity

Even large order volumes are no longer a problem thanks to the high level of automation.

This is what our enthusiastic customers say


With weclapp we always know our crumble stock and no longer lose time in stock management, production and purchasing.


weclapp enables us to bring all company data together in one place and to control and solve all processes from there.


The integration of Shopify and weclapp allows us to keep all data available in one central place. With multiple sales channels, this is incredibly helpful.

The all-round carefree package for food retailers

Cloud CRM

  • ✔ Contact management
  • ✔ 360-degree customer file
  • ✔ Tasks calendar
  • ✔ Email automation
  • ✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
  • ✔ Opportunities and campaigns

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