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Online contract management software

With weclapp’s contract management service, you always have an overview of your contracts, deadlines and documents.

Digitalize your contract database and use it online

Time consuming contract management is now a thing of the past thanks to weclapp!

Our contract management supports you step by step, from creating a contract to controlling and archiving all contracts within the contract management process.

Overview of key advantages

Record contract type

Easily manage all contracts online. You can enter various predefined contract types or develop your own contract types and create suitable contract templates for each one.

Control deadlines

weclapp deadline monitoring ensures optimal contractual scheduling for your company, so that you always have an overview of contractual deadlines and never miss a date.


With weclapp, you can create revision-proof documents with your team and adapt individual access rights. This way your team always has reliable access to all information.

Create, manage and archive contracts

weclapp ensures that complicated contract management is a thing of the past. Instead of fighting your way through files and mountains of paperwork, all contract information is digitally stored and can be called up at any time with modern filters and search functions. This allows you to increase your profitability while minimizing risks.

Contract types

weclapp supports all common contract types such as employment, leasing and rental contracts and many more.

Contract templates

You can also simply add individual contract types and create your own suitable contract templates.

Contract management

Certainty about all relevant processes—weclapp supports you from creating a contract to controlling.


With weclapp, all your contracts are revision-proof and archived in one area giving you a constant overview.

Control deadlines

Missing deadlines is not only annoying but can also be felt in the wallet—with the contract management software from weclapp you won’t miss any more dates. This increases efficiency and improves payment flows.

Deadline reminders

weclapp supports common termination and renewal periods: xx days/weeks/months before the end of the contract/at the end of the month/quarter/calendar year/contract end and many more.

Effective cancellation dates

You gain security: weclapp reminds you of all specified termination dates via email. This way, you won’t miss any relevant deadlines in the future.


Take time for the important things and simply leave the contract management software to automatically renew the previously defined contracts.


Contracts are often only stored in the relevant departments and are therefore only available to others to a limited extent. weclapp brings the same level of knowledge to your team avoiding conflict.


Create and process contracts within your team. With real-time updating, your team is always up to date. This increases efficiency and transparency in the company.


Bring security to your contract management: all documents are stored revision-proof in one area. This allows you access to older file versions.

Access rights

Provide secure access to confidential documents using appropriate authorization concepts. You can set these individually.

Overview of the best contract management features


Punctual invoicing with definable calculation cycles: Create an order with billing-relevant items, generate an invoice before or after the billing period, or invoice several contracts at once using collective invoicing.

Monitoring deadlines

Automated monitoring of deadlines and terms checks whether a contract is about to expire, be terminated or extended. This is then sent as a reminder email to the responsible employee at their chosen notice period.


The contract cockpit provides a reliable overview, including total costs, revenue, last changes, etc. Thanks to customizable list displays and intelligent filters, you have optimal analysis and endless evaluation options.


All employees can work together on the same documents and contracts. The data are stored in an audit-proof, access-protected location and updated in real time. This helps you prevent a flood of emails, multiple filing and errors caused by different contract versions.


Contract data and documents can be stored in an audit-proof manner in a central location. Extensive search and filter functions help you find what you are looking for in the neatly arranged digital archive. The complete contract history also keeps older editing states and versions available for review.

Access rights

Complex access and security guidelines made easy. Quickly assign the relevant access rights to responsible employees or set up exception rules. weclapp almost solely regulates the authorization concept based on departments or organizational units.

Partner management

Always have all contact persons handy. Easily manage your contract partners’ contact data via weclapp. Store all relevant information in weclapp and use the practical email functions, which include mail archiving.

Receipts and exceptions

Budget planning at a glance. The contract management software gives you a clear overview of your contract receipts and exceptions. This provides you with security and certainty about your contract management.

Recurring invoice

Recurring purchase and invoices can be generated & automatically processed via the weclapp contract module.

What our satisfied customers say


The ease of use, the contract system and, of course, the price of the solution were particularly important to us. weclapp proved to be the right choice.

Mobile contract management – experience weclapp on all end devices

Access contract data anytime from anywhere! On a tablet, smartphone, notebook or PC, the weclapp solution is optimized to function with all popular browsers.

Contract management

The all-around carefree package for your contract management

Contract Management

  • Manage contracts efficiently, digitize contract database & use online
  • Contract partner management
  • Recurring invoice
  • Contract archiving
  • Automatic reminders
  • Authorisation system
  • Contract revenue
  • Contract expenses
  • Custom fields
  • Reporting
  • Deadline monitoring