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The ERP system for efficient sales and long-term customer loyalty

As a member of the sales team, you are responsible for selling a product or service. Each day, you need to win over potential customers during the acquisition process. In addition, customers to receive need good advice in order to build long-term business relationships.
weclapp supports sales teams in all areas of sales, whether in the office or in the field and enables access to relevant data at any time:

Successful in sales with weclapp

Digitize and automate your business processes with the intelligent cloud ERP software from weclapp.

Optimized customer acquisition

weclapp supports you in successful customer acquisition and customer retention. In no time at all, contacts are created and transformed into prospects or customers with just one click. The customer file offers a 360-degree overview for an ideal overview of relevant information, tasks, appointments, and much more.

Offers & Orders

You save time and money with weclapp’s offer and order processing. You are intuitively guided through all processes. You can easily create and manage offers and orders. All related documents are created with one click.

Customer communication

The telephone integration (CTI) you allows you to contact your customers directly from your CRM. weclapp also automatically assigns all emails to the respective customers. This ensures a constant overview of the current conversation history. This enables you to respond specifically to the customer.

Mobile in the field

weclapp is optimized for all devices and can therefore also be used from a mobile device on the road. This makes it perfect for field service. You can view key figures from anywhere and even have an offer prepared and signed directly on site. Times and travel costs can also be recorded easily and conveniently.

Further reasons for weclapp

Revenue overview

With the user-friendly visualizations on the dashboard, you always have an overview of your revenue.

Always available

Whether in your home office or on the road at a customer’s office, you can always access the latest data regardless of time, place and device.

Kanban dashboard

On the Kanban Board, you can move your sales opportunities according to the stage in the sales process by drag & drop.

Quick introduction

Since it is a cloud solution, weclapp is immediately ready for use without a long implementation period. Thus, you can get straight to work, no matter where you are.

Intuitive usage

Thanks to the clear and modern user interface, you are conveniently guided through all processes and workflows.

#1 Cloud ERP Platform

weclapp was named the winner in the ERP Platform category for the ERP system competition.

Enthusiastic customers from many industries

“The sales team is on the road a lot and usually uses weclapp at the customer’s site – but even at the weekend or in the home office, they always have the option of accessing the cloud solution to check the sales figures, for example.”

Thorsten Kruse
Managing Director and IT Officer Gymwatch

“The field service team can independently organize itself with the integrated module and have a good overview of all the data.”

Mueller iklaro
Karsten Müller
Managing Director iklaro

“The best thing about weclapp is the possibility of 360-degree support with a single software, from master record to ticket.”

Marc Mertens
Sales Manager Autrado

The weclapp CRM and ERP packages – tailored to your exact requirements


For (still) smaller teams that want to get started.

✔ Contact management
✔ 360-degree customer file
✔ Tasks calendar
✔ Email automation
✔ Telephone integration (CTI)
✔ Opportunities and campaigns

ERP Services

For teams from consulting, agency, IT consulting, etc.

✔ Offer & order
✔ Project management
✔ Time tracking
✔ Invoice
✔ Recurring invoices
✔ Financial accounting & banking

+ all modules from the CRM package

ERP Trade

For teams from production, e-commerce, system house etc.

✔ Merchandise management system
✔ Disposition & Purchasing
✔ Warehouse management
✔ Serial & Batch Numbers
✔ Production
✔ Shop connection
✔ Amazon, eBay & Rakuten

+ all modules from the CRM & ERP service packages