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Settle accounts quickly and easily online with the weclapp accounting software

Thanks to the ease of use, new invoices can be created conveniently and quickly

Automate your billing

In weclapp, you can create an invoice comfortably and quickly within 60 seconds. Simply select the respective customer and all necessary invoice information (e.g. address data) is automatically taken from the stored master data. In the input mask, you only have to add the desired items. The stored prices & sales taxes are automatically taken over from the weclapp billing program and displayed with the total amount.

Optimized and time-saving processes

Automation of the work steps

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Create billing online

Ease of operation

Thanks to the ease of use, new invoices can be created very easily.

Custom design

The professional look of the invoice is ensured by the individual form designer!


Once master data has been created, it can be transferred to the invoices with a click.

Optimized and time-saving processes

Open items list

Created invoices can easily be transferred to the list of open items with one click.

Payment reconciliation

After the money has been received, the corresponding invoices are directly marked as paid.

Dunning stages

No payment on time? weclapp offers the possibility to use templates for friendly reminders & reminder levels.

Automation of the work steps

Mass actions

In the area of open items, there is a possibility to carry out mass actions for invoices that are still open.

Recurring invoices

With the weclapp contract modul, you automate the invoice creation for recurring invoices, also called subscription invoices.

Individual billing templates

With the weclapp billing software you can customize your invoices according to your wishes. You can adapt the design perfectly to your company and thus stand out from the crowd. This is how professional invoicing works today. If you still need an invoice in Word format, we provide you with our legally compliant templates here.


Your billing with the weclapp ERP complete package: fast and convenient

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