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User-friendly Cloud CRM Software

With weclapp Cloud CRM you track of your contacts, leads and existing customers. You will get a better overview instantly, because every interaction with an interested party or a customer can easily be saved and retrieved. All important information is always at your fingertips!
weclapp’s online CRM System allows you to create campaigns, identify sales opportunities and get to know the customers of tomorrow. Your employees can access basic functions such as customer directory, address book, e-mails, meeting schedules, documents and various collaborative functions (chat, group chat) that you are familiar with due to their similarity to common social networks -from anywhere at any time. Whether a lead, an opportunity or campaign management, the web-based CRM supports the activities of your business, grows with your requirements and can easily be expanded for additional users and functions.

Customer and Contact Management (CRM)


Satisfied customers are everything! The web-based CRM solution supports your customer and contact management. Contacts can easily be saved or pulled from your e-mails and address books. Existing data can also be imported into the CRM system without difficulty. Once registered in the CRM software, you can take advantage of workflows for lead qualification, opportunites and campaign management or simply the ability to save and retrieve important information.
You can connect tasks and events with leads or customers as well as manage incoming and outgoing e-mails with the customer. With the help of the customer management feature you can immediately review all activities with your potential or existing customers in chronological order in the customer file.

Leadmanagement / Potential customer administration


Systematic lead management can help your marketing team pass numerous qualified contacts to your sales department. With weclapp you can move from the first contact to closing the deal across various qualification levels and outline the necessary next steps for all colleagues.
Pre-qualify, qualify or disqualify leads? An overview page allows you to locate all pre-qualified potential customers in a given city. These can be then easily processed.

Opportunity management


Opportunities can be created for potential and existing customers that provide the possibility of generating business. Being able to accurately assess the potential of individual opportunities and turn them into real income is utmost important.
The process beginning with the first identification of an opportunity to the communication over the analysis of the desired purchase of a product, service or transaction is optimized with weclapp. The various steps can be adapted to your companys’ specific workflows. Once implemented into your processes, the opportunity or sales management feature helps prioritize the potential for conversion from lead to actual customer. Leads with the highest potential of becoming actual customers can thus be treated accordingly.


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Campaign management (Newsletter)


Create new campaigns in a simple way – events, direct mail, public relations, telemarketing or your own variations. Add potential and existing customers as recipients with just a few clicks.
Design successful marketing campaigns across all channels quickly and easily. The weclapp campaign management feature allows you to use information that is already implemented in the  CRM so you can contact your customers directly with a targeted message. This information can also be provided to professional newsletter publishers (as for example Mailchimp) via an interface. Customizing email and newsletter campaigns is now as easy as child’s play.

Mobile CRM

Mobil CRM gets more and more important. Sales and service only becomes mobil when there is full time access to the current information and data without a time lag. Online access allows you to have an overview of your data company-wide. Double data maintenance is efficiently avoided. You can work with your notebook, tablet or smartphone from your working place, at home or on the way. Complete your tasks everywhere at any time. The HTML5 application runs on every web-enable device in your browser.

Native applications for android and iOS are simple in handling and have fast data access. The apps are easy installed from the app stores and are synchronized immediately with the weclapp system. The nativ apps have an intuitive handling and are reduced to the significant basic features. This allows your team to access for example customer information comfortable and at any time.

Latest information always available

Online access ensures that the latest information are available all the time.

Duplicated data avoided

Duplicated data is efficiently avoided, because of no division- or location borders.

Work from everywhere

In the office, at home or on the road – get your job done efficiently wherever you are.

As app and browser-based

The HTML5 application runs on any internet-capable device in the browser and app.

weclapp Mobile CRM

Additional features



The simplest way to manage and assign daily tasks across all devices.


Simultaneous use among colleagues for easy scheduling of meetings, or e.g vacation time.


Practical email functions with archiving capability for all significant business events.


Secure online storage for access from any device from anywhere.
weclapp Adressverwaltung

Address book

Easy online address management with MS Outlook and synching with Google.


Team collaboration is given by chat functions on the internal social network.

Additional Functions


  • Full text search and filter function
  • Process history
  • Data import/export wizard (xls, xlsx, csv, Datanorm, vcard)
  • Document management in all applications
  • Records, reviews, operating numbers, reporting
  • Cockpits for revenue, purchasing, inventory and more
  • Personalized start widgets
  • Customer and industry-specific fields
  • Customizable form designer for all areas
  • Data fields that can be individually configured and adapted
  • Bookmarks and history-feature
  • Customizable views
  • Role-based authorization concepts
  • Multiple language capability for business communication and dialog box
  • Integration with all weclapp apps as well as other applications (e.g. Mailchimp, Magento)
  • Text modules
  • weclapp API (connect your own applications)
  • Foreign currency

Customer and contact management (CRM)

  • Contact management
  • Leads management
  • Customer management
  • Sales opportunities
  • Web2Lead
  • Campaign management
  • Sales regions
  • Customer classification
  • Competitor management
  • Log events (e-mails, meetings, etc.)
  • Geographic location of customers
  • Regional management
  • Sales pipeline

Organization and Collaboration

  • Web mail client
  • Personal signatures
  • Account sharing
  • Online calendar
  • Calendar sharing
  • Task and meeting management
  • Assign and share tasks
  • Audit-proof document archiving
  • OCR text recognition
  • Personalized task lists
  • Personal address book
  • Document management including version control
  • Team chat
  • Activity stream
  • Synching with Office/Outlook
  • Mail synchronization (Exchange, Google)
  • File manager

The weclapp service promise

  • Free software updates, hotfixes, service packages
  • Tutorial videos
  • Support portal with knowledge database (FAQ)
  • Live chat support
  • Basic e-mail support
  • Integrated helpful hints
  • Trained product consultant
  • Free webinars on a regular basis


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