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Optimizing item management

Clearly manage products and product lines

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Automate item management

The weclapp item management supports you in creating, managing, and grouping the heart of your company, your products and services, as required by you. Regardless of which industry you operate in, weclapp’s item management function offers extensive options to map and control your individual portfolio. When creating a new item, you decide whether it is a stock item, a production item, or a service. You also have the option to design and print item data sheets with all important item master data.

Item inventory

Item creation

Item management

Item monitoring

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Item inventory

Everything at a glance

The most important fields such as item number, description, stock, purchase and sales price are visible in the standard view. The table is also individually configurable and has simplified filter functions.

Inventory information

The item view area contains important stock information. It provides data about open order quantities and the current total inventory, for example. You can also find information on the inventory value and the average price of the item.

Item creation

Creating items

Assign name, item number, tax rate, and unit of measure. You can add further details if required (in several languages as well). There is also an input option for the customs tariff code for internationally operating companies.

Item types

You can define different item categories, such as “stock item” (inventory-managed), “service” (not inventory-managed) or “to be produced” (producible and inventory-managed).

Item variants

An item may be available in several variations. weclapp can clearly show all variants of your products. The items connected in this way can be processed using mass changes.

Product groups

Items can also be grouped into product groups. This allows you to define surcharges and discounts dependent on the distribution channel, which affect the sales prices.

Item management


Sales prices can be stored for the item, as well as price scales and discounts on request.

Sources of supply

The assignment of sources of supply and purchasing conditions serves to simplify procurement.


The assignment of disposition parameters is relevant if you use the automated weclapp disposition.

Item monitoring

Key figures

The most important key figures of the item are clearly presented, including revenue and order volume in the current and previous year. Links take you directly to all important overview tables relevant to the item. These are, for example, offers, orders, deliveries, invoices, purchase orders, and inventory movements.


You also control the desired calculation formula for sales and distribution directly from the item. Different calculation types are available: Purchase price/production costs, transfer price, moving average. This forms the basis for determining your profit margin. Additionally, the prices can be calculated with the calculation type RRP (recommended retail price).

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