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Offer management made easy

Create and send clearly understandable offers with just a few clicks

Succeed with efficient offer management

Create and manage offers

Intelligent offer management

Individual adaptions

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Manage offers easily and effortlessly

Creating an offer

Creating offers is very easy. Simply select the offer recipient from the customer base, add items, and save the offer.

User-friendly management

The offer overview provides an overview of the respective status of the offers and enables mass actions. Use a filter to assist in searching for offers.

Easy to send

With the weclapp offer management, offers can easily be printed out as PDF for mailing or sent as attachment to an email.

Intelligent offer management


When selecting the customer, all necessary information such as contact persons, addresses, commercial language, tax rate or currency is automatically transferred.

Quick data entry

Offer items can be entered using a quick entry template. If you select an item from the inventory, the stored item price is automatically displayed.

Intuitive workflow

If the customer accepts an offer, the weclapp offer software automatically guides you through the intuitive workflow. With one click an order is created and weclapp generates all necessary forms like the order confirmation.

Customizations & Templates

Offer templates

You can duplicate existing offers or create templates for standardized and recurring offers. This saves time and nerves when preparing offers!

Customized offers

Provide your offer with a discount or surcharge! Further settings and description fields can be used with the extended item input.

Adaptable design

Like all other documents, you can tailor your offers with weclapp. Our form designer makes it easy to design according to your own wishes!

The reliable ERP complete package for your offer management

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