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Automate order management with weclapp software

Thanks to weclapp’s professional order management software, you save a lot of time and always have an overview of all orders.

Order management with weclapp Cloud ERP software

Structured order management is the basis for successful and smooth order processing in any company. With weclapp, different requirements for the sales process can be mapped, regardless of whether it is a stock product or a service. The order processing software from weclapp supports the entire workflow: from the creation of the offer to the order processing and order confirmation, the creation of the delivery bill and the shipping label to the subsequent invoicing and invoice dispatch, as well as the handling of returns and credit notes.

Create orders

Efficient data collection

Intelligent workflow

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Create orders easily and quickly

Order overview

In the central view of all orders, all important information about the orders can be seen at a glance in tabular form, e.g. the respective status. The columns can be customized and the table can be exported or downloaded as an Excel file at any time.

Intuitive operation

The modern user interface and the clear menu structure allow simple and fast operation. At the same time, it is also possible to transmit and process orders electronically and to compare them with the warehouse stocks. This not only saves time but also simplifies all processes considerably.

Efficient data collection

Additional information

Conveniently store all the relevant information for you: from responsibilities and delivery conditions to order type (e.g. sample delivery), payment terms, tax rates and currencies to the payment method or desired delivery date on the part of the customer.

Order history

All operations of an order are displayed chronologically. You can jump directly to the associated quotation, delivery and partial or final invoice. Color-coded icons signal the respective status of the order.

Intelligent workflow

Everything in one place

The weclapp order management software automatically guides you through the workflow via the various areas such as offer, order, store sale, picking, delivery, invoice and return. All necessary documents are available as PDF downloads. The management of all order documents and the downloads take place under the tab Documents. All posted invoices are displayed in the open items list.

Intuitive workflow

The order workflow is logically structured and the individual process steps can be individually adapted to your company. With one click, you always have the entire order management process in view. The different colours and symbols make the workflow particularly user-friendly. It clearly shows you which work steps are to be completed next for this order.

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