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Smooth handling of shipping

You can manage shipping comfortably and quickly using weclapp!

From order to dispatch

You can control all shipping processes with just one software by using the intuitive weclapp ERP system. weclapp supports you with all necessary interfaces from the creation of the order to the shipping itself and package tracking.

Creating an order

Creating a delivery note

Registering a shipment

Shipment and tracking of goods

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Creating an order

Data relevant to deliveries

Create the order, enter delivery-relevant items, and define the warehouse from which the goods are to be taken.

Creating the delivery

The delivery is generated after the order confirmation. Here, you enter important package data such as carrier including tracking ID, weight of the shipment in kg, and tracking URL.

Creating a delivery note

Select design

When creating the delivery note, choose between existing templates or individual design.

Generate the PDF file

The delivery notes are automatically generated as PDF files and can be printed out afterwards.

Registering a shipment

Registering a package

Register your package manually or via the shipcloud interface with the shipping company. A contract with shipcloud provides you with easy data transfer to all important carriers.

Printing the shipping label

With a connection to shipcloud, the shipping labels of the selected carrier and a tracking URL can be generated immediately. You can of course ship your goods nationally and internationally.

Shipment and tracking of goods


The goods issue is posted in the initially defined warehouse with the “Shipping” process step. Up to this point, deliveries can be canceled or changed at any time. Your shipment is now ready to be picked up by the parcel service.

Parcel tracking

Track the status of your shipments or the parcel location at any time. It is a prerequisite that your shipping company offers this service and a tracking URL was generated in the previous process.

Shipping made easy

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