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Modern business communications and team spirit do not occur on their own. In a shared work environment, getting groups of professionals to cooperate is a prerequisite for accomplishing joint goals. The weclapp Groupware solution will provide support for your contact management, task management and schedule management, as well as your email communications.

Whether your team employees are located in the same building or in different countries, the Groupware app will allow your work teams to collaborate, coordinate and cooperate regardless of the distance or time zone.

Overview of the top Organizer features

weclapp Web Mail

Are you using several email accounts with different providers? Many new emails are certainly received each day and you spend precious time repeatedly to promptly retrieve important email messages. There is another solution, of course: weclapp Web Mail offers the option of a web-based collective account (Exchange, IMAP) to easily set up and manage all incoming emails there. Receive emails in real time and utilize the practical filter functions to manage the flood of emails clearly in your inbox (e.g. sort by date, attachments, sender, priority, size or subject) – you can even save these filters by your personal preferences!

Calendar and Tasks

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In everyday work you daily coordinate appointments for yourself and with your colleagues. Having to manage different calendars on multiple devices on top of that, means that you quickly lose track of appointments. weclapp provides the ability to easily access all calendars from a central navigation area.
End the paper chase with countless to-do lists! Sort your tasks in different task lists. Each object reference is shown in color so you can see at a glance whether it is as is a customer, supply, project, etc. New tasks can be created, managed and distributed to appropriate personnel easily. With the universal weclapp search function you can find any job quickly.

Document Management

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Organizing your documents is particularly easy with the DMS of weclapp. After each file upload you can quickly assign the appropriate keywords (tags). Thanks to the central storage locations you will find all documents immediately. Of course you can also use the search function to find any document. It is centrally accessible at any point in the system for your convenience.

The document management supports versioning. This means that document can be saved in various stages of processing. So you and your team are always working on the latest document version and at the same time follow the maximum security of storage and information requirements.


30 days free of costs. Automatic cancellation. No spam-mails.