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Work efficiently with the organizer software from weclapp

Contacts, tasks, calendar, mail and secure document management – with weclapp’s organizer software you can organize your time and work faster and more efficiently.

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Efficient time management with the organizer software

Modern corporate communication and team spirit do not happen by themselves. In a shared work environment, good cooperation between specialist groups is a prerequisite for achieving common goals. The groupware solution from weclapp supports you in this.

No matter if your team has their office in the same building or even in different countries – with the application of the organizer software the collaboration, coordination and cooperation of your workgroups work across spatial as well as temporal distances.

The most important organizer features at a glance

weclapp WebMail

If you have several e-mail accounts with different providers, it can quickly become a mess. weclapp WebMail offers the possibility to set up a web-based collective account (Exchange, Imap, Gmail) and to conveniently manage all incoming mails there. Receive mails in real time and use the practical filter functions to sort the flood of mails clearly in your inbox (e.g. by date, sender, priority etc.).


End the paper chaos with countless to-do lists! Sort your tasks into different to-do lists. Each task reference is displayed in colour. So you can see at a glance whether it is a customer, an offer, a project etc. New tasks can be easily created, managed and distributed to the corresponding employees. With the universal weclapp search you can easily find any task.


In your everyday work, you coordinate appointments for yourself and with your colleagues every day. If you also manage different calendars on several devices, you quickly lose track of everything. weclapp offers you the option of conveniently accessing all calendars from a central navigation area.

Document management

Thanks to the central storage locations and the keywords (tags) assigned after uploading, you can find all documents again immediately. You can also find them again via the central search function. Stored in different processing states, you and your team can always work on the current version of the document and legally comply with the legal retention and information obligations.


With weclapp’s project management, we can coordinate our internal and external projects. It makes it easier for us to structure and prioritise our daily work.


I am most pleased about the transparent system. I can always see which project each team member worked on last. 


Who would have thought that a solution made in Germany would lead to Swiss love.