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Ticket management software for easy one-click online ticket management

Online ticket management software makes it easy to manage and edit support tickets

Ticket management with the weclapp helpdesk

The weclapp ticket management is not only intuitive, easy to use, and flexible but also informs you about incoming tickets, their processing status, their classification, and much more. This user-friendly function makes it easy for you and your team to handle customer inquiries from any Internet-capable computer and mobile device. Operating in the cloud allows the greatest possible flexibility and fast response times, all in the spirit of excellent service.

Creating a ticket

Entering core data

Ticket resolution

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Creating a ticket

Creating a ticket manually

A support ticket can be created manually for inquiries by phone with one click. The ticket status can also be configured individually.

E-mail and web-to-ticket

Service requests received via e-mail or online form flow directly into your ticket system and make efficient support possible.

Ticket description

Add a category, a reference (such as a project, invoice, or order), and a subject. In a text field the request can be described in detail.

Entering core data

Filter options

The priority and status filter options allow you to immediately determine which request needs to be urgently handled. The individual filter can easily be saved.

Key data

For a quick categorization of the ticket, all essential key data of the request are displayed on the upper right edge of the screen including information on status and agent, channel used (such as phone), and creation date. Moreover, the request processor’s last tickets including ticket status are listed as well.

Adding comments

Get in direct contact with your colleagues or even with the customer. You decide who has permission to view your comment including any added files.

Ticket resolution

Processing of the ticket

There is a free text entry field for the ticket resolution. Specify font color, text alignment, and more easily yourself and add images, graphics, and tables.

Key figures

You can monitor the time used with the key figures overview. Allocation and resolution time are logged separately. The processing time of a ticket is prominently displayed in the top position.

Ticket invoicing

For optimized invoicing, the processing time is entered directly in the ticket and automatically recorded in the log reports.

Ticket management in the online ticket system for fast & professional customer service

weclapp Helpdesk

  • Online ticket system for fast and targeted processing of customer inquiries.
  • Ticketmanagement
  • Ticket invoicing
  • Automation
  • Ticket templates
  • E-Mail-to-Ticket
  • Self Service Portal
  • Service-Level-Agreement
  • + Optional CRM-Integration