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Email-to-ticket and web-to-ticket for efficient support

Integrate email and web requests directly into your ticket system with email-to-ticket and web-to-ticket

Process service requests quickly and efficiently

With the weclapp email-to-ticket and web-to-ticket functions, you offer your customers new possibilities of flexible contact and create a basis for efficient service. In turn, your support team can utilize an innovative tool for easy ticket processing. All incoming requests are collected and displayed within the weclapp ticket system and can be sorted by urgency. In this way, no inquiry will be lost in everyday work.




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Flexible contact

Contact can be established through the various channels, in other words, phone, email, online form, or social media channels. Thus, you guarantee your customers very flexible service.

Efficient support

Customer inquiries received from the various channels are automatically sorted according to their importance and can thus be processed quickly and efficiently.

Email2Ticket – from mailbox to ticket

Automatic ticket creation

Many customer inquiries are received by email. The e-mail-to-ticket function automatically creates incoming e-mail messages as tickets in the weclapp helpdesk so that they can be processed immediately.

Integration of the e-mailbox

Process individual requests directly in the cloud. This is made possible by integrating your e-mail inbox into the weclapp solution. All incoming requests by e-mail can thus be found directly in the software.

Practical blocking function

Do you want to prevent messages from unwanted senders? You can easily block individual e-mail addresses within weclapp. This way, you can protect your mailbox from annoying spam messages.

Web2Ticket – from the website to the ticket

Easy form creation

You can create contact forms in weclapp with a few clicks. You can access the overview via Web2Ticket in the helpdesk basic settings. Find the relevant contact forms wit the filter function or simply create a new one.

Individualized Web2Ticket configuration

Define name, responsible agent, and active fields (subject, description, category, priority, and more) for your form in the Web2Ticket configuration area. The contact form can then be easily integrated into your website.

Efficient ticket processing

Every request via the web portal is automatically converted into a ticket. Support requests can thus be processed directly and efficiently in the helpdesk. The result: faster response times and an overall optimized support workflow.

Email-to-Ticket and Web-to-Ticket for fast & professional customer service

weclapp Helpdesk

  • Online ticket system for fast and targeted processing of customer inquiries.
  • Ticketmanagement
  • Ticket invoicing
  • Automation
  • Ticket templates
  • E-Mail-to-Ticket
  • Self Service Portal
  • Service-Level-Agreement
  • + Optional CRM-Integration