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Ticket invoicing made easy

Invoicing of tickets is easy with the weclapp Helpdesk software

Invoicing of tickets is very easy with weclapp

Logging and invoicing work time are often unavoidable and the effort involved is considerable. Detailed logging of all activities is mandatory, especially in the support departments. This innovative helpdesk system assists you in processing customer queries and simplifies the invoicing of individual tickets.

Recording times

Keeping an eye on billing status

Manage invoices and quotas

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Convenient time logging

Integrated time recording

The time logging function integrated in weclapp allows you to record and save the time used directly within the opened ticket with a few clicks. The recorded times are automatically stored in the log reports.

Time billing

weclapp order management provides time recording and invoicing in one solution. Once the time used to process a ticket has been recorded, the user can easily invoice it in the log reports section.

Overview of billing status at all times

Billing status

View your tickets at any time with weclapp. The overview shows all important information about the tickets including the billing status.

Accounting overview

The accounting overview provides information about the respective booked times, shows whether the tickets are billable, and displays the billing status.

Manage invoices and quotas

Create invoice

You can decide whether you want to bill the customer for one service or several recorded jobs. After selecting the services to be invoiced, create an invoice or assign the entries to an existing invoice with one click.

Intuitive workflow

weclapp will guide you through the process to create an invoice from the log reports. You can also group the work times logged according to your own requirements. This flexible cloud solution is adaptable to your needs.

Manage Quotas

Individual or fixed prices can be easily invoiced. In the customer detail view, the user has the option of defining fixed threshold values by clicking the “Manage quotas” button. Tickets of customers who will soon have used up their ticket volume are marked in color.

Ticket invoicing in the online ticket system for fast & professional customer service

weclapp Helpdesk

  • Online ticket system for fast and targeted processing of customer inquiries.
  • Ticketmanagement
  • Ticket invoicing
  • Automation
  • Ticket templates
  • E-Mail-to-Ticket
  • Self Service Portal
  • Service-Level-Agreement
  • + Optional CRM-Integration