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Smooth processes in production

Manufacturing companies have software requirements that go beyond those of a pure trading company. weclapp ERP software offers numerous powerful functions concerning the production cycle of an item for this purpose. The optimal planning and execution of production has a decisive influence on your process costs, the availability of items, and ultimately the satisfaction of your customers.

Automated disposition

Bills of materials

Efficient work plans

Production orders

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Automated disposition

Automated workflow

weclapp generates production orders with on-demand disposition automatically. If stock falls below the stock level, you just have to release the purchase requisition.

All data in one place

The supplier file ensures efficiently designed processes for manufacturers. All important supplier data such as name, address and contact, as well as financial data such as tax information, delivery and payment terms are visible at a glance.

Configuring bills of material

Recursive bills of materials

Map extensive product designs without much additional effort with recursively usable bills of materials. Production items with bills of material can also be used within a higher-level bill of material.

Bills of materials variants

After determining the planned production costs, weclapp allows you to choose between different types of BOMs, enabling you to manufacture products with only one BOM in different variants.

Automated logging

All individual parts and their quantities are recorded automatically, utilizing the data on existing items. Bills of materials can be exported and imported with weclapp.

Create work plans

Process description

Work sequences can be combined in work plans with weclapp. You determine the level of detail yourself using the parameters that can be specified during data entry.

Assignment of documents

You can assign documents to a task list in weclapp. Completed work plans are finally assigned to the production items.

Creating production orders

Creating production orders

Production orders can be created in the PPS system manually or automatically generated from the disposition. Work steps are automatically included in the order.

Intuitive workflow

If created manually, select the item to be produced and a practical indicator function shows you immediately whether all required individual parts are available.

Overview table

The tabular overview shows you all production orders along with their status (such as created, started, completed). In addition, the start and end date as well as the target and actual quantity of production are shown.

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