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Purchasing with the weclapp Cloud ERP software

Purchasing and disposition are important functions with regard to profitability and smooth processes in the company. The weclapp ERP software ensures that the required goods are always available at the right time and at the right quantities. The intuitive workflow will support you in all Purchasing processes including disposition, order proposal, purchase order, goods/invoice receipt and payment.

Supplier file

Automated disposition

Integrated ordering processes

Goods receipt

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360° view of suppliers

Everything at a glance

The supplier file contains all important information including Supplier data such as name, address and contact, as well as financial data such as tax information, delivery and payment terms.

Intuitive workflow

The supplier file also provides direct access to all processes related to the relevant supplier, such as orders, supplier invoices, etc.

Supplier request

Using the supplier request, requests for an item can be triggered from multiple suppliers and the offers can be directly compared.

Automated disposition

Order suggestions

Disposition generates order proposals based on current requirements or warehouse consumption. Disposition parameters such as minimum quantity, reorder point, and replenishment lead time are assigned for this purpose. In addition, the requirement can optionally be determined using the min-max principle.

Conversion to orders

The complete weclapp workflow ensures that the automatic order proposals can easily be released and converted into orders/production orders.

Framework order

Coordinated framework orders for purchasing help you keep track of all deadlines and guarantee the best product availability.

Integrated processes for your orders

Creating a purchase order

Creating orders is easy, because a lot of data is already pre-populated depending on the approach: Supplier and date, order details, and much more.

Item data

The item data (products or services) are then entered with the desired quantity and corresponding conditions.

Complete workflow

The convenient workflow button guides you to all relevant subsequent functions such as order confirmation, goods and invoice receipt.

Fast and secure input of goods receipts

Goods receipt

When a delivery arrives, the goods must be input. You can create goods receipts with or without purchase order reference. The “Goods receipt to purchase order” option has the advantage that fields of the goods receipt document are already pre-populated.


Using the workflow function, you can post the entered items directly to the inventory. This action also creates a goods receipt document in PDF format, which can be printed out for logistical processes and documentation purposes.

Goods receipt items

“Goods receipt items” provides you with a structured overview of all goods receipt transactions. Which items have arrived at the warehouse? Which one have already received? What quantities? In what quantity?

Collective goods receipt

In order to enter the received goods more quickly and easily, several purchase orders can be completed as part of one goods receipt. For this purpose, one purchase order must be selected as the main purchase order.

The complete ERP package for your purchasing management

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