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Save time and nerves with an efficient returns management software

Process returns of orders quickly and easily

Manage returns efficiently with weclapp

After the returns have been entered, the intelligent workflow guides you to the next process steps: a credit note or compensation delivery. The manual entry of document data is no longer necessary. This saves you valuable time, avoids errors, and ensures a consistent document flow. The efficiency of the returns function is complemented by the option to record and evaluate the causes of returns. This creates valuable information for optimizing your product range and business processes.

Creating returns

Capture data quickly

Intuitive workflow

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Creating returns

Everything at a glance

The new entry is created with reference to the original order, from which the items are automatically copied. If a delivery is only partially returned, the items can be adjusted accordingly.

Intuitive workflow

Returns are intuitively integrated into the order process. After the returns creation, the workflow guides you to all logical process steps.

Entering data

Reason for return

For evaluation purposes, you can enter information such as reason for return, error cause, and resolution of the problem. A return note with possible reasons for the return can be created from a delivery.

Supplier returns

Here, too, you have the option to record causes of returns relevant for your supplier and quality management! Customer and supplier returns can be linked for increased transparency.

Goods receipt

Once the return has been created, the workflow takes you to the “Post items to inventory” process step. This makes the goods freely available again.

Intuitive workflow

Return slip

If necessary for your internal processes, you can create and print out a returns slip.

Credit note

All relevant data is automatically copied from the preceding documents and can be changed if necessary.

Compensatory delivery

weclapp creates a delivery note and shipping label for replacement deliveries and you can ship the goods.

Returns management made easy

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