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The main goals of warehouse management are cost minimization through optimized inventories and smooth processes while maintaining the high availability of the relevant items for the customer. The cloud ERP software from weclapp starts exactly here: Our warehouse management software ensures simple, intuitive control and monitoring of your warehouse activities. By combining all important warehouse management functions with a freely selectable complexity, the weclapp warehouse management software can be used in many ways: from smaller mail-order companies to store owners to manufacturing companies with multiple locations.



Stock movements & Stock movement balance

Serial and batch numbers


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Inventory book

You decide whether you want to carry out an annual inventory or an inventory sampling. In the planning phase, you define the start and end date, the inventory manager, the counter and the recorder, and you select whether the inventory is to be carried out for the entire warehouse or for individual storage areas (storage bins).

Inventory list

The inventory list automatically contains all items of the selected warehouse/storage area. An inventory record sheet is generated in which the counted quantity can be entered by hand. The storage bins concerned are now blocked for postings.

Inventory differences

The workflow now guides you through the subsequent process. A document is generated that contains all items with inventory differences & can be used for individual case clarification. The weclapp software now automatically performs postings to correct the differences.


Stock overview

With weclapp, you always have an overview of the current inventory situation thanks to the clear design and intuitive interface - either at warehouse or storage bin level.


weclapp gives you insight into which quantity of each article is in stock & which reservation quantities are available. Thanks to the filter function you can reduce the list size.

Stock movement

Posting of stock movements for single or multiple items is possible directly from the stock function, no matter if stock posting, stock debiting or stock transfer.

Stock movements

Goods receipt/issue

The stock movement list reveals which goods receipts and issues have taken place on a specific date. Stock transfers are also listed.

Book movements

Thanks to the intuitive workflow, new movements (goods receipts/issues without reference or stock transfers) can also be posted from the stock movement list.

Consignment business

weclapp also maps consignment transactions. The stock movement list shows which customer withdrawals & stockings have taken place in a consignment store.

Stock movement balance

Accounting options

The stock movement balance provides you with information about your stocks on certain key dates at any time. The creation of the stock movement balance can take place either for all warehouses or for individually selected warehouses.

Movement volume & development

With the help of the stock movement balance, questions about the movement volume can be answered easily. View the outgoing stock, cumulative inward/outward quantities & final stock for your articles/material groups in the selected period.

Serial numbers & Batch numbers

Inventory management

weclapp maps your warehouse structure exactly. Stock entries for batches & serial numbers are clearly recorded. Inventory management with the help of serial and batch numbers also enables the tracing of individual material items.

Easy article management

weclapp lists all articles with the corresponding serial number. The practical filter function is also available here. Thanks to serial numbers and batch numbers, you can keep an exact overview of the item history at all times.

Progressive Web App

Goods receipt

Thanks to the PWA, data in goods receipts can be easily scanned or entered from anywhere.

Order picking

The PWA makes it easy for you to carry out picking, inventory management, booking of returns and stocktaking. It can be used on all your devices and is intuitive to use.

Stock movements

Stock movements can be booked very easily in the PWA. Stocks are booked in or out with just one click.

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