Contract Management

Manage contracts, time periods and contract documents. All in one place.

30 days free of costs. Automatic cancellation. No spam-mails.

Manage contracts efficiently – digital contract database for online use.

Contracts are the basis of every business relationship – so Contract Management is a very important job. But unfortunately, as you undoubtedly know, it is also a very tedious and time-consuming task. Make your job easier with weclapp: the weclapp Contract Management Solution will support you on every step of the way, from capturing contract data and drawing up the contract, to measuring contract performance and handling archiving within the contract management process.

Automate and optimize your contracts and manage different types of contracts, such as sale/purchase agreements, master agreements, loan agreements or lease agreements, quickly and without complications using weclapp’s Contract Management Software.

Then you can say goodbye to the mountains of paper inundating your office by setting up every contract as a digital file. Your administrative work will become clearer and easier and you will be assisted for coordinating dates/deadlines, contract validity periods and time periods.

At the same time, the web-based software can easily be integrated into your existing system – no new hardware investments or expenses for interface adjustments are needed.

Your advantages with weclapp’s Contract Management Software

  • Secure and efficient Contract Management
  • Automatic renewals
  • Reminder for cancellation dates
  • Audit-compliant archiving
  • 100% usable for all types of contracts


30 days free of costs. Automatic cancellation. No spam-mails.

Contract Management Software

Every business relationship is based on well-defined contracts. Therefore, Contract Management is extremly important for the success of a company. Without a reliable Contract Management Software, it is quite time consuming to manage contracts and documents safe and sound. The Contract Management Software by weclapp is a 100% web-based contract management and thus completely independent of your operating system and can be used without installations. weclapp helps you to meet deadlines and appointments. And the best thing, you can minimize your administrative burden and save time and money by always having the most important information at hand. High costs for hardware or software updates no longer apply.

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Contracts and contract terms


With weclapp Contract Management all contracts and (contractual) terms can easily be managed online. You can enter different agreements of predefined contract types (contracts, leases, tenancy agreements, purchase contracts, framework agreements, maintenance contracts, insurance contracts, service contracts, etc.) or create your own contract types and set up suitable agreement templates.
weclapp’s deadline control function ensures optimal contractual scheduling for your business because it reminds you of contract renewals and termination dates. As a result, you always have an overview of all contract deadlines and will not miss any appointments.

Contract Management Software


Save all your contract data and documents auditable in a central location with the Online Contract Management.

weclapp supports documents in all formats. Especially when contracts are being negotiated, the conditions can change several times. With weclapp Contract Management, you can view any version of the negotiated (or uploaded) contract documents including their comments any time. The software uses the latest version and still keeps the older working conditions available for inspection.

By using the extensive search and filter functions all archived contract documents are accessed quickly and easily any time.

Authorizations and access permissions


“Who has access to the online contract file?”

“Who is authorized to manage contracts online?”

“Who is authorized to view or process contracts?”

weclapp’s access control is suitable for everyone. From small companies in which only one or two employees are responsible for contracts to major international companies with hundreds of organizational units and employees. But even exceptions are extremely easy to set up.

Get to know weclapp Contract Management

Explore weclapp contract management:
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All important information about our Contract Management Software


What is Contract Management?

There are many different definitions of Contract Management. On one hand, it is known as taking care of all contractual negotiations between the parties, client and contractor and the resulting contracts and contractors. On the other hand, Contract Management is the basis of all business processes and thus a fundamental part of business management. With the Contract Management software by weclapp both areas are covered: the user can login to the system directly via its browser and create/ manage/ archive contracts using simple steps. Rather than fight through ring binders and paperwork, all contract information is digitally stored and recalled at any time using advanced filtering and search capabilities. So you can increase your profits and minimize the risks.

Why Contract Management from the cloud?

Nowadays you can simply rent all software and hardware online rather than to buy these expensive itself, to operate and maintain. This of course also applies for business areas such as Contract Management. Your software and contract data are no longer stored on a local computer, but in the cloud, meaning on very safe and modern high-performance servers. weclapp stores all data in a certified computer center in Frankfurt/Main.  Those servers are there for sustainable cloud servers. The server location “Made in Germany” provides many advantages because here your data is stored in accordance with the most stringent safety standards and are subject to German law.

Why more and more companies use software solutions from the cloud?

This has several advantages: on the one hand, it increases the efficiency and improves the cash flow. On the other hand, our Contract Management adapts to the needs of your business. In case you need more capacity, it will always be available to you

Other advantages are:

  1. No installations, networks or downloads required

Every Contract Management user only needs a computer with Internet access and a login to have access to all contract-relevant information. There are no installations or proprietary networking system needed to work together managing contracts as a team.

  1. Automatic software updates without downloads

The online Contract Management is ready for use. There are no downloads, installations or expensive software upgrades required – all this is done by the provider. The maintenance of the external server, including security updates is performed by the provider. The user saves on average several days per month of maintenance and therefore high costs.

  1. Low up-front investment

Cloud contact management uses the pay-as-you-go/ on demand this way high investment costs for hardware, software or maintenance are eliminated. The running costs are manageable and predictable

  1. Enhanced collaboration – manage contracts and documents in cooperation with the team

Contract Management software from the cloud encourages collaboration because all employees can work time- and location independent together on the same documents and contracts. All data is saved in real time and stored auditable in a secure, access protected location.

  1. Improved work-life balance because of the location-independence

With online Contract Management all employees, regardless of time and location can work in the administration of contracts, as long as they have an internet connection and an account with the correct access rights. Both the work-life balance as well as the quality of work are improved massively through the opportunity to telework.

  1. Central location for contracts & documents

Managing contracts is a time-consuming affair. Each contract is initially well prepared by the contracting agents and often sent back and forth between the staff several times before the final version is submitted to the contracting parties. After that most of the times another round of contract auditing begins. When companies use on premise Contract Management Software instead of a web-based solution, they are missing the central location for auditable records. This means that employees send files back and forth and only one person can work on a document at a time. This workflow often produces errors. The web-based Contract Management of weclapp supports a far more efficient way. weclapp allows parallel processing of a single version, contracts can be commented with a chat function and be tracked in an activity stream.

Other benefits worth noting are the environmental sustainably managed cloud server, the security of data due to the high safety standards in Germany and the TÜV certified technology. Have you ever lost a laptop, got it stolen or had a crashed hard drive? All this will no longer happen in the Cloud.

Manage contracts, deadlines, documents easily

Manage contracts, documents or records with Contract Management Software is easy and time saving. After a brief 3-minute introduction video the users are guided through the system, step by step. Contracts can be created in no time (standard contract templates are part of the Contract Management Software). The audit-proof archiving feature is easy and straightforward. With the help of extensive search features and filter functions, you always have quick access to all contract data.