Stress-free Projects with a web-based Project Management Software

Do you want to access your Projects everywhere and everytime? So, Cloud Project Management is the right Software for you!

30 days free of costs. Automatic cancellation. No spam-mails.

Project Planning and Task Management out of a German Cloud

A company consists of projects – small, large, important ones and sometimes they won’t end. To be successful, you have to keep a lot of factors in mind, coordinate teams and appointments and fulfill the assigned tasks on time.

The web-based Project Management Software keeps an eye on all projects and tasks, doesn’t forget appointments and thinks for oneself. Above all, this tool facilitates your team work and task management enormously. It introduces structure and transparency: All participants have access to relevant project data and documents and are up to date at any time.

The Project Management Tool is contained in the ERP services package of weclapp – as of 24 Euro/Month.

Find out which advantages our Project Management Software entails for you

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  • Manage tasks easily
  • Time Recording and Squaring
  • Online Collaboration Functions
  • Common Document Area
  • Simple Resource Planning
  • Mobile Access and Time Recording

Task Management

Did a project ever get out of your hand because of little information about the current project’s progress? Or have you ever lost overview of the pending tasks of the project team? Then, you should take a look on the Task Management System of weclapp.

The Online-Software helps with fast prioritization of tasks, sub tasks and milestones. This helps you remember important tasks. weclapp is not only an important tool for project managers but it helps every single project member to have an overview of current tasks and their priorities.

weclapp offers companies transparency in progress and further planning of projects at any time. The Project Management App supports you to complete the right things in the right time.


  • An Overview of all Project Members
  • All Steps of Projects at a Glance
  • Documentation of Project Details


30 days free of costs. Automatic cancellation. No spam-mails.

Time Recording

  • Simple Time Recording
  • Easy Settlement of Times
  • Overview of Project Times and -Costs

Time is Money – not only because of this reason the Time Recording System is essential during a project. Not only project times but the time you work on a certain project or an associated subtask will be recorded. With the weclapp Project Management Solution you can record your time quickly and uncomplicated.

The Project Team can record their time themself in every part of the system (per stopwatch). Additional and remaining effort are exactly registered and squared. It saves a lot of time and organizes your daily work more effective. In this way, you can plan and coordinate your Resource Management and Employee Utilization preferably. Furthermore, it is possible to manage Sick- and Vacation days of every single employee and keep the current overview. All Project Times can also be populated later.


Dashboard weclapp

To handle projects means to work in a team and communicate a lot. Often the teams are separated in location, countries or time zones. The weclapp Project Management supports you in the communication with your Project Employees: Write a message, give feedback, create calendar entries and much more. With the Project Management Software you can improve your Cooperation – it doesn’t matter how many projects you manage. You only need internet access to optimize your team communication with the Collaboration Function of weclapp.

The common editing of data and documents is possible at any time and without any problems. Everybody works with the current version of the document. With the simple assignment of rights you can determine access rights very easily. Access rights for folder and files make sure that important information get into the right hands. In this way external experts have access to those documents. (For instance, you could provide an own billing area to your business contacts.)

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    Optimize Communication

  • blauer-haken
    Simplify the coordination

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    Common use of Documents

Further Features of Project Management



The simplest way to manage and assign daily tasks across all devices.


Simultaneous use among colleagues for easy scheduling of meetings, or e.g vacation time.


Practical email functions with archiving capability for all significant business events.


Secure online storage for access from any device from anywhere.
weclapp Adressverwaltung

Address book

Easy online address management with synchronization to MS Outlook and Google.


Team collaboration is given by chat functions on the internal social network.